Monday, March 4, 2013

East Meets West

Back in November of 1996, a group of MLB All-Stars made an 8 game, 5 city tour of Japan.  Pudge Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez and Andres Galarraga used the lobby of the Akasaka Prince Hotel for their daily workout.  Blah...blah...blah. 

I don't know if this photo was taken in that hotel, but it's a great card.  Ok, it's an interesting card at least.  At the time this "East Meets West" event took place, only three Japanese players had played Major League Baseball, Hideo Nomo being the most well known of those three. 

P.U.R.E Greatness.  Best play the plate card ever?  Maybe.  One of these days I'm going to do a bracket to determine that very thing. 

One of the #1 bloggers out there and THE #1 blogger in the generosity category is David over at Indian Baseball Cards and Random Wax.  These are just a few of the cards I got in last year's pack a day giveaway, which he is doing AGAIN!  Crazy generous.  I like his idea of doing a draft this year. 

Love that swing. 

The Goose is pissed and for good reason.  First off, Bobby Witt is not taking the Studio shoot seriously.  Second, and let's hope not as important, he doesn't like being scanned crooked.  Many apologies Goose.  I'll do better next time.  What's that Goose?  I should have re-scanned the card.  Sorry, I'm a lazy blogger. 

I reacted the same way when I got this package of cardboard goodness. 

Thanks David, for your never ending generosity. 

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  1. That 1991 Topps Fisk card is not just one of the greatest play at the plate cards, it's one of the greatest cards of all-time!