Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You wanna be my friend?

Send me vintage cards.  Better yet, send me Washington Senators from 1961-1971 Topps.  If you do, you'll be my new BFF. 

My newest BFF sent me some of that sweet vintage Senator goodness.

Dig that groovy Senators batting helmet.  The burlap border reminds me of filling bags with cotton on my grandpa's ranch. 

Oh yea, a birth year (mine) Senator with a different, yet equally groovy batting helmet. 

Meet my new BFF.  You all know and love the Fujinator from The Chronicles of Fuji

How about some Ranger vintage too?  It's Toby "the Mustache" Harrah!  All Star version. 

Fuji included some funky little minis too.  That Ward is a mini and the Ryan is a micro mini or something.  It's like a thumb print. 

I offered to send Fuji the Yoenis Cespedes manu patch I pulled from a blaster and he said to pick something from his tradebait list.  There wasn't a picture, but I asked about the 2005 Flair Dynasty Foundations card he had listed. 

I didn't realize until he sent it that it was one of those booklet cards.  It has jersey nuggets from Michael Young and Mark Suxeira Teixeira.  It's numbered to 150 which means only 149 other lucky saps can have one.  Lucky me. 

Many thanks to Fuji for a great package.  I'll have your package out later this week!


  1. I have 3 auto'd Fuji cards, that one looks different, must be FAKE lol

  2. Any interest in a 1970 Topps Ted Williams with a couple of creases in it? I've had it since high school.

  3. That's an awesome Fuji card! Oh and the Flair Dynasty Foundations card is retty cool as well!