Friday, March 29, 2013

Garage Sale Find: Where I make my money back

Now we get to the part where I make my money back on the garage sale purchase.  My cost was only $25 so I should make that back at least 8 times over.  Based on Ebay sales, I think I can make somewhere around $100 or more on the lot of 1986 Fleer basketball cards from the little box. 

I'm not really looking to trade yet, but if anyone wants to buy any of this stuff I'll give you first crack before I list stuff on Ebay.  After the smoke settles and I've sold off what I can, I'll trade the rest if anyone is interested.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time describing this stuff.  It's just a couple of the singles I pulled out plus some of the better binder pages.  Let's get to it. 

I found this 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Sticker in one of the tubs in this screwdown holder.  I should be able to turn that around.  The scanner didn't like the thickness of the holder and the holder is all scratched up.  I don't know the condition of the card because it's hard to tell with the condition of the holder.

These next two stickers were in top loaders.  Akeem is swatting away Magic's shot.  That's a great photo. 

These stickers seem to sell pretty good.  I may put some of them with the lot of cards to sell. 

There are two dog hairs on this scan of Larry Bird.  I've debated getting some of these graded because a decent grade sells pretty high, but it costs a fortune to get cards graded. 

Jon over at Community Gum was kind enough to let me know that some of the basketball inserts are pretty valuable so it looks like I need to do a little research.  I know that '86 Wilkins is a good one. 

The Olajuwon page had another one of those stickers. 

This is a great Celtics page.  You know, if you're a Celtics fan. 

That Karl Malone from '86 is another great find. 

The '86 Ewing sells good, but doesn't bring as much as Malone. 

Here we have another Larry Bird. 

Lakers and Pistons. 

I was disappointed not to find a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie.  That disappointment was tempered by the other great cards that turned up, including the 2nd Jordan Sticker. 

That's about it for now.  Someone talk me off the ledge.  I just looked up the price for PSA Grading and I'm considering it.  I don't think my wife would be too happy with that plan. 


  1. You made all your money back plus profit on ONE card, cant beat that deal!

  2. That Jordan sticker is sweet. Nice eye for the '86 Fleer bball.

  3. Two Jordan stickers? Awesome!

  4. Figures you'd find a spare Jordan sticker when I'm broke. ;)

    As for '86 Fleers and grading, if you didn't get the Jordan, don't do it. Startlingly condition-sensitive set. I got my Jordan graded (SGC, it's a PSA 6 equivalent, which I'm fine with for the $.10 it cost me for the card) just to keep the world from saying "it could be counterfeit" for the rest of my days. I've owned two '86 Fleer Jordans. I've cracked '86 Fleer wax. I know the difference, but a lot of other people don't.

    This was a fantastic find, man, congrats. I probably need some of these '86 Fleers beyond the Jordan sticker, but I'd have to see what I have for you in trade, and you're gonna wanna sell the spare Jordan sticker, so it'd just be for the other stuff. I'll poke around Sunday or so.

  5. I've been looking for a Larry Bird card - don't know what it's worth, but if you're up to trading one, let me know!

  6. Gotta look at it this way. How much more money would a graded card bring in. I've never got cards graded, but I recently bit the bullet and had a few of my comics graded. Walking Dead #1, 7, 19, and 27, all key issues all worth pretty good money raw, but in the end I ended up tripling my money by getting them graded so yes it cost me about $30 a book to get graded but my Walking Dead #1 went from being an $800 dollar raw book to a $2100 wind fall, I paid cover price for the books back when they came out so that's a damn good profit and the wife was all for it since we finished paying off our credit card debt when I sold all 4 books. Just keep that in mind with the extra investment in a grading service you might make a lot more money on your $25 investment. Although you have to pray that you get a high grade too.

  7. Really great haul! Wish I had some cash for the Jordan sticker, too. Grading could be good for some, but as Scott says they're very condition sensitive and usually the centering kills higher grades if other things don't. If you can get an 8, it'll be worth your money, but I couldn't tell you what your chances are.
    Still, even if you sell them raw, you definitely made your money back.
    Man, I need to find some garage sales...