Sunday, March 3, 2013

Identifying all the players

Team cards excepted, I don't think I've ever seen a card with this many players on it. 

This 1995 Pinnacle Kenny Rogers card shows the post game celebration of Kenny's perfect game from July 28, 1994.  I can identify some of the players, but not all of them.  Top left is Kevin Brown.  Will Clark is the man behind the bare hand on the left.  Rogers is obviously in the middle, hugging it out with Pudge Rodriguez.  Just behind Rogers is Matt Whiteside.  That's it.  I'll have to pull out my other '95 Rangers and see if I can ID the rest. 

You know what would make this card perfect?  That's right, removing John Burkett's giant noggin'.  I love the Ballpark in Arlington and I can't wait to get out there for a game this season.

All of these cards showed up in a package from Bert over at Swing and a Pop-Up.  Bert knocked out most of my 1981 Topps Rangers wantlist.   

It's funny really.  I started collecting in 1981 and bought a bunch of 1981 Topps.  Fast forward 30+ years and I didn't have any of those cards left.  At least not where I can find them.  I've had to rely on generous traders like Bert to replace those cards I lost along the way. 

This is one of those parallel Chasing History inserts.  At least I think it is.  It's super shiny and has the gold ribbon.  I haven't seen any of the others to compare it to so I'm not sure.  Regardless, it's one more to knock off the 2013 wantlist. 

Thanks for the great Rangers Bert. 


  1. Glad you liked them. It's the least I can do to repay you for all the enjoyment I've received from reading your blog.

  2. That's a great Rogers card! Love the celebration and after a perfect game nonetheless!