Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vintage is good

Plain and simple. 

Vintage feels good.  It smells good.  It IS good. 

So sending me vintage is a sure fire way to get on my good side. 

The greatness that is GCRL is on my good side. 

You, however, don't get to see why until the end.

This is definitely NOT vintage.  It does have the coolest vintage logo around. 

I've been getting an incredible amount of play at the plate cards lately.  I will never be organized, but if I was, I'd have a play at the plate card tournament.  Someday. 

How's that for an EPIC Swatch.  Numbered 20/50 too. 

Can't you just smell that vintage?  Can you feel it?  I can.  Of course, I'm holding it in my hand as I type.  Well, you know what I mean. 

What's better than a 1971 Senator?  A pair of 1965 Senators, that's what. 

Flat top anyone? 

HOLY SMOKES!!! Do you see that!!!???  Vintage?  Very, very vintage.  Catcher?  Oh yea.  Did I say vintage?  That's a 1951 Bowman Bob Swift.  If I keep picking up Bowman cards like this, I may have to collect the whole set. 

Jim, thank you so much for the great cards.  Your package will be on the way Monday. 


  1. Not gonna lie... every now and then, I'll sniff a vintage card. Why can't they make an air freshener with that scent?

    1. "Vintage" would be on my short list of air fresheners that I would purchase. Right up there with "fresh cut grass" and "charcoal grill".

  2. Send me your address!

    I'm also a sniffer. No shame in that.

  3. Sounds like my double play card tournament is on the same timetable as your patp one.

    Glad you like the cards!