Monday, March 4, 2013

Only 26 people wanted my "hit"

That's ok.

First, for those of you that guessed a Texas Ranger, umm, no.  I wouldn't give away a Ranger hit and no, I don't have this Nolan Ryan.  I just didn't want the real hit to show up on your blogroll first.  Sneaky blogger!

I also wouldn't give away a Hank Aaron auto Cap. 

Some of you have one track minds.  Mike Trout, Mike Trout, Mike Trout.  Tony Gwynn, Tony Gwynn, Tony Gwynn.  That's ok, I get it.  I'd be that way too if the right player was available. 

The good new is that someone is a winner. 

The bad news is no one guessed the right player so the winner will be getting a rack pack.  I guess I'll just have to put my hit up for trade. 

Without further adieu, the hit was...

Gaudy sticker, but still not a bad card.  It's available for trade.  Anyone have any Rangers hits? 

Alright, I randomized all the participants and the rack pack goes to...

Congrats to Rosenort over at Condition Sensitive.  Thanks to everyone who participated. 


  1. Oops, hit the wrong button and published early. Congrats to Rosenort over at Condition Sensitive.

  2. I'm not a autograph sticker fan and don't know many people that are. But, yikes! That sticker looks as though it has been dipped in the chrome. Stands out even more than before. Booo, Topps! Booo!

  3. nice hit!

    but D.F.L. again?????? I really hate something about this site. Maybe it's Texas, I dunno.

  4. podres signs from the dead! i wonder how long it will take topps to use up all of the stickers that he and others signed before passing on.

    that said, i want it. i'll rummage through my rangers hits and let you know what i find.

  5. Sheesh, you were so cavalier about the whole thing.


    When I did the same thing once, I almost passed out in the parking lot.

    But the whole "signing from the dead" phenomenon in this year's Topps is pretty creepy.