Sunday, March 3, 2013

We're friends right?

Friends are honest with each other.  They tell each other how it is.  I consider us, you and me, to be friends. 

So let's just Cut to the Chase.

 I don't know why these won't line up, but who cares.  The Cut to the Chase Die Cuts are the best thing about 2013 Topps.  The Nelson Cruz came all the way from Alaska, courtesy of Mark at Collector's Crack, and the Josh Hamilton was sent over by Doug at Baseball Cards, Sports and Life.  I'm glad to knock these two off my wantlist. 

Doug also sent over this blue Geovany Soto.  This will look nice alongside the gold Geo I posted a couple of days ago.  Now I need the red, the emerald, the camo, the....damn, thanks for nothing Topps. 

Mark sent over a few of the '72 minis I needed.  I know some people love these, some people hate them and then there's me.  I'm just a sucker for minis of any kind. 

I need to put together my mini wantlist.  I have most of them, but still need a few. 

Ahh, how cute, a baby Bison. 

 Another one bites the dust.  I knew there was gold in Alaska!  That's yet another one off the list.  The wantlist for 2013 is now updated so let me know if you have any Rangers parallels I don't have on the list. 

Many thanks to Doug and Mark.  You guys rock!

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  1. A "baby bison". Love it! I know I'm biased against the Dodgers, but I think Kemp is overrated.