Friday, March 1, 2013

Not exactly gold or "given" away

Last year's Golden "Giveaway" by Topps was a let down from the two previous years, but compared to what Topps is doing this year, it was the best thing in the history of mankind. 

I suppose I did better than some because I managed to "unlock" 4 actual cards.  I then traded two of them for two that I wanted.  Those of you that partook in the Golden Giveaway festivities know how hard it was to get a real card.  I haven't seen a lot of these posted, but I hope you got yours.  The site is closing down for business tonight at 11:59 PM so get them shipped before it's too late!

One for my Carlton Fisk collection.  The die cut edges look like part of his chest protector.  I traded for this one. 

The Bench card is very appealing.  As in the protective cover is pealing off.  I unlocked Bench. 

I unlocked the Duke myself.  Sweet. 

I had to trade for the Josh.  At least I got one Ranger. 

That's all folks.  No frills, just wanted to remind you to claim your cards before the deadline. 


  1. I didn't get a damn thing out of it. Massive waste of time.

  2. Luckily seeing your post reminded me to place me order for my Hamilton. I didn't even realize that today was the deadline, Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I ended up selling all my code cards, cuz Topps doens't like Alaska, or Hawaii, or Puerto Rico for that matter. And I'm kinda glad I'm out of this years "contest". Although those Spring Fever cards are kinda nice this year.

  4. Nice cards! I didn't get any actual cards myself.