Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some Jackass Wrote on My Card

I'm back from my work trip to Florida and I'm hoping to get to the two tubs of cards I bought the other day at the garage sale at some point.  I just wanted to quickly show you what some jerk did to one of my cards.

Whilst in Florida, I thought I would drop by the local high and mighty big box store with the Heritage blasters that came with a blue parallel.  You know which one I mean.

I got two cards of note. 

This ugly mug surrounded by blue was in one pack.  Wow, too close.  Funny how that doens't seem to bother me so much with vintage cards. 

The last pack in the blaster had this card.  You'll notice some jerk wrote on this card down in the bottom left corner.  Something about 22/99.  Must be some sort of new age cult thing.

Or maybe it's one of the Clubhouse Collection Gold Parallel Relic cards that fall 1:330 packs. 

That must be it. 


  1. Great pull, I am sure at least one Angels blogger would like it. I look forward to seeing what is in that tub of cards you purchased.

  2. You have always been a lucky son of a gun....