Thursday, March 7, 2013

There's nothing to see here

Don't say I didn't warn you.  This is the first of two blasters of 2013 Heritage I talked myself into buying for an insert series that's not even in this product.  Real smart. 

I'll keep this brief and witty.  Ok, I'll keep it brief.  After the first pack anyway. 

First Heritage of the year...Hisashi Iwakuma.  I'm overwhelmed underwhelmed. 

The first Ranger is Neftali Feliz.  I'm guessing I won't be thrilled with the photo selection with this set. 

I'll bet a few people out there would love this Chris Sale SP. 

Ok, the second Ranger is Elvis Andrus and the photo is much better than Feliz. 

I'll bet these two guys will be starters for the Marlins.  Who else is going to play for them? 


Double meh. 

Another nice SP, complete with crowded background. 

You gotta go here to read a funny line about this card.  Just do it. 

"Dude looks like a lady!"  An ugly, scary lady. 

Shhh.  Don't tell anyone about Manny. 

Oh no, another "O"!  At least it's an SP this time.

Another poor photo for a Ranger.  Oh well, they can join the rest of the teams who have bad pictures.

That's a good one to ge out of the way. 

The "best" card in the blaster?  I guess if you're an O's fan, it would be this Jim Johnson Chrome Refractor #370/564. 

Mike Scioscia CANNOT be happy with that photo.  I think it's funny.

We can all be happy because the blaster is done.  I got this nice SP blue parallel.  The blue parallel in my other blaster, which I shall torture you with tomorrow, was also an SP.  I know of one blogger who got the Kemp blue parallel, also an SP.  Are all the blue parallels of SPs?   Just wondering. 

We'll be back for tomorrow.  And by we, I mean me and Smiley Miley there. 


  1. Topps Heritage, for me, accentuates the fact that baseball players are not a good looking bunch as a whole. Either that or they really hate photo day.

  2. The blue that I pulled was also an SP...

    Real back-handed, deceitful way to make collecting the SP high numbers even more difficult.

  3. The blue parallel that I got was also an SP. In fact, it was the same Miley card that you posted.

  4. you din't get nearly enough Braves in that Blaster. I'd have returned it.

  5. I agree - return that blaster, but keep the Sale for all your troubles. And then send it to me because looking at the card will only remind you of the horrible experience you had, and the pain from those memories could cause you to give up your job and move to a far away land ans sell coconuts on the beach. But you forgot you were allergic to coconuts, and the health care system in that far away land is in disarray because of the global financial crisis. So they send you by truck to the next country for medicine to treat your ailments, but the your gurney was not strapped down well in the truck, so a bump on the road send you out the back down and rolling back down the hill, kind of like on of those cartoons. But it's not a cartoon but a horrible trek down a bumpy road straight on into cross traffic. You breath a sigh of relief as you made the light, only to find that the road ends at a glue factory, which is right next to a pillow factory. You crash through the door on the glue factory, knock over a vat of their newest, top secret glue, and then break through the wall into the pillow factory, getting covered in feathers from Australian kiwis, another allergy of yours.

    Needless to say, just send me the Sale and your life will be much better.

  6. I would love that Yadi card. One man's "double meh" is another man's "woo-hoo" or something.

  7. I don't think you should send Jeff the Chris Sale cards. :)

  8. Nice blue Miley! I wonder what he was looking at?

  9. That was actually not too bad ... except that Arroyo, bluh!