Sunday, March 24, 2013

Garage Sale Find: A basketball tease

This is one page of the basketball binder. Yes, I recognize the card in the middle is probably the only significant card. I may need some help from you basketball guys on this stuff.

More to come tomorrow. Baseball stuff too.


  1. At least you recognize that.

    Basketball means zip to me.

    1. I only know because it's from that '86 Fleer set and I looked it up on EBAY.

  2. Very nice, I have a decent Charles Barkley collection. That 86 rookie of his is a nice card.

  3. Well you know you have a lot of Charles Barkley now. :)

  4. Sometimes basketball inserts can be worth a couple bucks each. I don't think either of those Barkley's would, but some of the 1 per box or 1 per 2 boxes inserts can go for $10-15 still, so there's a good chance of some value in that binder even without the awesome 86 Fleer.
    Great, great find. If you want to move any of the Bulls or Grant Hill stuff that may be in there, keep me in mind for when I can make deals again.