Friday, March 22, 2013

The Garage Sale Find...partially revealed

Ok, I've been getting some nasty emails and comments about the garage sale find I teased last week.  I know you want to see what my $25 investment netted me.  I started to go through the cards, but I'm not finished so I guess I'll tease you a little more.  That should bring on some more nasty comments. 

This is a small portion of one of the boxes.  There's a large stack of 1986 Topps on the left and a mix of 1986 Fleer with a few cards from earlier in the 1980s.  That's a complete 1986 Topps Traded set and a little Homerun Kings set in the blue box.  I found at least three of those, complete in the boxes, and another two or three sets loose in the box.  At the top right you'll see a complete, unopened Donruss Baseball's Best set from 1988 and on top of that box is a 1985 Donruss Roger Clemens rookie card.  I had a pic of the Clemens but it keeps posting sideways.  I'll get a scan of it and you'll see why you don't store your cards loose in a big box.  Can you say dinged corner?  I can.  The bottom right portion of the pic shows a Hakeem Olajuwon sticker, complete with top loader, from the 1986 Fleer Basketball set. 

Behind the 1986 Topps stack is one of 7 (or is it 8?) boxes of cards that I still need to sort through.  The two tubs of cards also had 5 binders.  One is full of basketball stuff, one is full of random baseball and the others have complete baseball sets. 

I'll disclose the sets next week.  I'll also share the contents of that little box of 1986 Fleer Basketball cards. 


  1. Nice Akeem! Can't wait to see the other 86 Hoops.

  2. the important thing here is how many Braves did you get???

    oh, and I sent you a package while you were away. Keep an eye out for it. Should be arriving soonish.

  3. wow very cool - I love it! I'm addicted to garage sales. I haven't ever found any super awesome cards from one, but I have found tons of other awesome stuff.

  4. Awesome find. Looks like you hit the jackpot with this purchase. Congratulations.

  5. Wait, there were two tubs? Holy cow!