Friday, June 13, 2014

Best Ebay Auction Ever

I'm not a big fan of graded cards, but I might just have to jump on this one.  I don't believe I've ever seen a card with this grade before.

Check it out here.

I know many of you will be jumping in to make an offer so good luck!

Let me know what you think.


  1. I think it's underpriced myself...I mean, they don't make that card anymore.
    I don't know what's more disturbing...the price tag or that eight people are "watching".

    1. It only had 3 watchers before I posted it. I'm gonna have to ask for a commission.

  2. I'm gathering investors right now to make a competitive offer. Honus Wagner be damned. Bo Knows!

  3. My favorite is in the item description: "$2.00 shipping. Hand delivered with balloons."

  4. Bo knows....creases.

    With that ridiculous price the seller states "Serious inquiries only". there have been 3 offers I wonder how close to reality those were?

    Haha love the answers to the questions about the auction:

    Q: Does this card come with the original gum from the pack? If it does, would you combine shipping?
    A: I can include the gum and luckily for you it has been chewed. It is not graded but is probably an 8.5. I will combine shipping. Thanks for your interest.

    Q: Is this some kinda joke?
    A: Sir, thank you for the kind message. If you're seriously interested I could possibly knock 2% off of my asking price. Let me know.

  5. I added it to my cart, took a screenshot of the cart and then dumped it out. Just for grins.

    I may offer the guy a buck for it.

  6. I am sick and tired of all the great cards being offered by sellers who won't ship to Canada.

  7. That seller deserves every medal ever.

  8. The guy sure has been active as a buyer. Looks like he's just out for some giggles with this one. Wonder where he got that card in the first place. Who spends money to grade a card just for laughs.

  9. There was a guy who was offering a 1989 UD Griffey graded a BGS 1 back in March, he was asking $26k. When I emailed him asking about it, I wrote a post about the auction, he told me he did it seriously. He wanted to have the only BGS 1 graded card. He listed it at the high price so he could show it off, he never had any intention of selling it.

  10. Hey I'm all in on this one the centering is an 8.5! lol