Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let's get ready to rumble!

The title of this post would lead you to believe I'm enthusiastic about writing, but I'm really not.  I miss writing a daily or even twice daily post, but real life is dragging me down right now.  Braces, car repairs, a saxophone (what?) and a few less expensive money drains are killing me just as summer starts and the dear wife wants to "go somewhere before the kids are all grown up".  If someone dropped ten grand in my lap, I could just about get out from under all this, but since that's not going to happen, I bought two packs of hobby therapy and decided to make a pack war out of it.

Without further bellyaching, I give you 2014 Archives Hobby Pack Wars.

Scoring will be completely subjective and you most likely won't agree, but that's ok.  The cards on the left are from pack 1 and the cards on the right are from pack 2.

Round 1

Do we really need to score this round?  Ok, I'll humor you.

Doug Fister -10
Michael Choice +100

Choice gets bonus points because he's one of the few Rangers left standing.  I'm pretty sure the Rangers have more starters on the DL than they have on the field.

Round 2

Marco Scutaro - Giants -1000
Jose Bautista -  I'll give Joey Bats 1 point for not being a Giant.

That's 2-0 for pack two.

Round 3

James Paxton - meh, 1 point
Fergie Jenkins - former Ranger AND a HOF'er +38 points

Pack #2 is up 3-0.

Round 4

The inserts fell in the same spot in each pack and were of the same type.  Scoring was still easy.

Joey Bats - whatever, it doesn't matter
Gary Carter - catcher...winner!

Pack #2 is winning in a walk-off.

Round 5

Matt Holliday - still pissed at the Cardinals for beating the Rangers in the World Series -1000
Hanley Ramirez - hey, he looks happy for a guy stuck on that design - 8 points

Pack #2...this is getting redundant.

Round 6

Yu Darvish - on a sweet 1973 design +2349 points
Eddie Murray - Grumpy Eddie IS a HOF'er - +34 points

Pack #1 gets on the board.

Round 7

James Shields - ho hum player on a sweet design +23 points
Aroldis Chapman - got hit in the face, now he gets beat down in Round 7 -5 points

Round 8

Shelby Miller - see Matt Holliday above -1000 points
Eddie Harris from Major League - nice!  +3409 points

It wasn't even a contest really as pack two won 6 of 8 rounds.  If it wasn't for Yu Darvish, pack 1 would have been a complete waste of money.  In reality, both packs were a waste of money, but I did get to write this snappy post!

Have a great day.


  1. I think I've got a handle on your technical scoring system. And really sweet Harris btw.

  2. +876 points for using "snappy".

  3. That Choice card just looks wrong with the blue team name. Why is it so hard to recreate a set from just 28 years ago?

  4. Oh, make sure to get your bracket filled out. Out of the 25 entrants, only about eight have done so.

  5. friendly vs. flirty, too catchy