Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Call me Mr. Fancy Pants

I recently wrote a post about my Opening Day blaster. I described everyone who was buying 2012 Heritage as "fancy pants rich boys and girls". It was just a tongue in cheek comment and I've since bought three...sigh...yes three blasters of Heritage myself. I used a gift card for one, so I'm really only $40 in, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Three blasters equals 24 packs. I got 8 SPs which is the expected number. Here are the non-base highlights of the blasters.

Stick-Ons (1:8)

I expected to get 1 per blaster and that's what I got. Jesus Montero, Andrew McCutchen and Chase Utley. There are only 46 of these and the Rangers got 4. I need to track down Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler and Adrian Beltre.

Baseball Flashbacks (1:12)

I got two of these, which would be right in a box of 24 packs, but with three 8 pack blasters, I just got lucky. I don't really have any need to go after this set, but the Kaline is pretty nice.

The Kaline and Marichal are available for trade if anyone needs them. I'll give first dibs to the couple of people that I'm working on trades with, but if they don't need them they'll be up for grabs.

News Flashbacks (1:24)

The same situation here as with the Baseball Flashbacks. I got two and that just worked out good for me. I'll be looking to get all of these cards. It's the history buff in me. I really like the JFK cards.

These cards look pretty nice this year. If anyone has any dupes, let me know.

New Age Performers (1:15)

I managed to get two of these in my 24 packs. Neither is on my list of collectible players or teams. The Beckett is going to a blogger I promised some Red Sox too.

Ryan Braun is available if anyone wants it.

Then and Now (1:15)

These are my least favorite inserts in Heritage. The only one I really want is the Carl Yastrzemski / Miguel Cabrera one for my Yaz collection.

Heritage Chrome (1:22)

These are falling about 1:3 blasters so getting one was about right. It's the second Phillies insert so far and that doesn't bode well. My Vance Worley Heritage Chrome is #1061/1963. At least Vance has that old school look. He fits right in on a 1963 throw back card. I think there are 7 Rangers chrome cards so I'll be trying to get those pluse the refractor and black refractor parallels.

Walmart Parallel (1:8)

I'm guessing these fall one per blaster. I got one in each of mine. Carlos Santana.

Dan Uggla

Adam Jones

I only need two of these parallels. One Ranger from the blue set, Nelson Cruz and Joe Mauer from the red set.

Clubhouse Collection Relic (1:57)

I guess I beat the odds a little bit by getting a relic card, but it had to be another Phillie. There are 5 Rangers included in the Clubhouse Collection relics so I'll be going after those and the Joe Mauer.

I didn't get any wacky image or color swap cards.

That's the, highlights from my three blasters. I'll probably try to get the base set and any SPs that come my way because I like the '63 design. Let me know if you need anything you see here.


  1. Is the McCutchen sticker available? I'd love to add that to my collection. I still have the Profar jersey for you if you're interested.

  2. Hey Mr. Fancy Pants,
    Would you add that Braun to my trade stack, and funny I just bought two blasters and pulled that same relic. Oh and I'll take any extra brew crew you have too. I set that Cruz relic aside for you.

  3. i like the kaline if the other person (you're trading with) takes a pass. let me know if theres anything you've seen at my site lately.

  4. Cool Adam Jones! Could you set that one aside in my trade pile?

  5. Ha, you are Mr. Fancy Pants! I knew you would cave in and buy some! Are you gonna collect the set? I want to soooo badly... Heritage sets aint easy though... I will keep my eyes open for chrome Rangers for ya... Cheers!

  6. I was thinking about grabbing a blaster with a gift card myself. 3 of my guys are in there, plus I'd want that Alcatraz flashbacks card. But if the odds are 1:24 in blaster packs, I'll wait for GQ or A&G instead.

  7. Can you hold the Uggla for me? I'll see what I can come up with for it.

  8. Hey Morgan, I've already traded the Uggla. Sorry!

  9. I can't believe I missed the chance to call you fancy pants.

    I still haven't seen a 2012 Heritage relic in my possession.

  10. Fancy pants, fancy pants! There! I did it.