Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let the Pack Wars Begin!

Before we get to the first two packs, let's take a look at who will be participating in the Pack War/Heritage-a-Cuffs (sorry Mark!).

The 8 participants for the discounted 2011 Heritage blaster are as follows:

Pack 1: The Hit King---Reds, Jay Bruce
Pack 2: Fuji----A's, Kurt Suzuki
Pack 3: Josh D.----Royals, Billy Butler
Pack 4: arpsmith----Giants, Matt Cain
Pack 5: Rob----Orioles, Nick Markakis
Pack 6: Derek Hill----Braves, Martin Prado
Pack 7: Morgan----Braves, Dan Uggla
Pack 8: Kazi----Blue Jays, Brett Lawrie

The 8 participants for the 2012 Heritage blaster are as follows:

Pack 1: dawgbones----Phillies, Carlos Ruiz
Pack 2: Thorzul----Brewers, Ryan Braun
Pack 3: Dodgerbobble----Dodgers, Matt Kemp
Pack 4: Captain Canuck----Braves, Chipper Jones
Pack 5: hiflew----Rockies, Troy Tulowitzki
Pack 6: Zach----Orioles, Matt Wieters
Pack 7: Eric L----Royals, Luke Hochevar
Pack 8: Spankee----Mets, David Wright

The 4 bonus entries go to....

Bonus Pack 1: Jafronius----Cubs, Ichiro
Bonus Pack 2: Spiegel83----Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw
Bonus Pack 3: Commishbob----Orioles, Lance Berkman
Bonus Pack 4: Robert----Blue Jays, Jose Bautista

The scoring rules were posted early this morning.

Here we go.

Allow me to apologize in advance for the small pics. I wasn't going to try to scan and post each card individually because I would rather have been kicked in the groin by an angry mule.

Pack 1-2011 Heritage: The Hit King- Reds, Jay Bruce

Bronson Arroyo--favorite team, +2. Not a bad start.
Carlos Zambrano--Could easily have been a deduction for douchebaggery. +0
Gordon Beckham--Nice backdrop Topps. +0
Jon Jay +0
Julio Borbon--Rangers. Dumb picture, but any a Ranger earns points. +3
Andre Ethier +0
Jonathon Niese +0
Vernon Wells--Vernon gets -2 for sucking since he signed his big contract and +2 for being a drain on the Angels. +0
Brett Myers +0

The Hit King total = 5 points.

He started off strong, but had too many duds. Of course, 2011 Heritage had a lot of duds, so we'll see how it holds up.

Pack 2-2011 Heritage: Fuji-A's, Kurt Suzuki

2010 NL Batting Leaders--Floating heads are cool. +1
Alexei Ramirez +0
Jorge Posada--Yankee -2
LAAAAAAA Angels Team Card +0
Chase Utley--Starting the year on the DL? +0
Ben Revere--Twin rookie +1, cap on crooked, -1, SP +2. Total +2
David Ortiz +0
Cliff Pennington--favorite team, +2
Derrek Lee +0

The Fuji total = 3 point.

If it hadn't been for Posada, Fuji would be tied for first. After two packs, here are the standings:

The Hit King--5 points
Fuji--3 point

More packs to come!


  1. Vernon Wells had a tough year, give him credit, plus that is a 2011 blaster, so we are talking about 2010 when Vernon Wells was clutch. I respect the Yankees -2 however