Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Opening a package with a Tomahawk

Opening trade packages is fun.

Opening unsolicited packages of generosity is even funner.

Derek from Tomahawk Chopping sent over one of those "hey, I need your address because I've got some stuff for you" packages. Those are great because you know they'll have stuff you like in them. This was no exception.

Derek shared some Opening Day goodies with me and if you hurry over to his blog, he's got a good deal on some 2012 Heritage stuff too.

Good design is a key component of any card set, but good photography is the first thing I look for in a card. Opening Day definitely has some good photography. Take this Victor Martinez play at the plate. It could stand to be cropped a little less, but it's a good shot.

Here is another great photo. This time it's one of my guys, Elvis Andrus, in some play at the plate action. Elvis is young, but he's blooming into a star and I love his enthusiasm. It looks like the catcher is just a shade too late with the tag.

I showed some other Rangers bunting the other day, but Blalock and Young weren't really bunters. Elvis can bunt and this Elite Skills Player "Sacrifice Bunt" card highlights that skill. Elvis led the A.L. in 2010 with 17 sac bunts. He also had 13 bunt hits in 2010.

Derek sent over a bunch of other Rangers and catchers from 2012 Opening Day. At this rate, I won't have to buy anymore to complete the set. Thanks a lot Derek!

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  1. Glad you liked it. Just wish I'd know your son was loving the Mascots. I love them as well but my just buy a set of ebay. If so I'll send over the ones of those I've got leftover.