Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pack War Scoring

Here are the scoring rules for my Pack War Contest!

SP +3
Favorite Team +2
Favorite Player +10
Another person's favorite player +diddly squat (Hey, who's running this thing, you or me?)
Any type of variation +15
Chrome Parallel +5
Chrome Refractor Parallel +15
Any type of insert +5
Any Giants World Series Card from 2011 -5
Any Cardinals World Series Card from 2012 -5
Any Rangers card +3
Any Michael Young card +5
Any Joe Mauer card +1
Any Yankees card -2
Multiplayer cards may have multiple +/- at my discretion
Brian Wilson -2
Clubhouse Collection Relic +20
Any autograph or really rare hit + eleventy billion
Any card that pisses me off -2 (I won't deduct double for Wilson, Giants, Cards or Yanks, unless I do, then I will)
Cards I like just 'cause I like them +2
Floating Heads=Cool factor +1

All scoring is final, unless in my subjective state I realize I've made an honest mistake/grossly negligent error/purposeful slight. The winner will be determined once and for all after the 20th pack is scored.

Thank you for your participation in my insanity...I mean contest.

I'll have the randomization and the first two packs up later this morning.

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