Monday, March 12, 2012

Knocking the rust off: Answering a few more questions

I spent last week in sunny Florida at a conference. It was for work so while they paid the way, I earned my keep by staying busy. I wasn't too far from the one and only Troll, but I didn't get a chance to let him know I was there and hook up for some in person card talk. Troll, if you're reading, there's a chance I might be back that way the same time next year and if I am, we'll have to meet up somewhere!

Alright, since I'm back, I thought I'd knock out a few more of these questions.

1. Stealing Home: "Just who do you think you are, buster?"

Good question Stealing Home! I guess it was fairly pretentious of me to think anyone would want to ask me any questions. It worked out ok, but it would have been a big bust if I had gotten zero response!

2. Martyn: "What's the best hit you've pulled and why was it your best hit?"

That would probably be a 2000 Fleer Focus Fresh Ink Cal Ripken Jr. autograph just because of his legendary status. Unfortunately, that was a time when I was selling any big hits and I sold it on Ebay. I can't even remember how much I got for it. Sad.

3. Mark A: "Did you get that 1906 magazine cover I emailed you?"

Yes I did. Thank you for sending over a little historical patp action! Here it is so everyone can enjoy it.

4. Chunter: "Why is Jose Canceso still playing?"

I don't think he is now, but some people don't know when to give up. I think he may be as addicted to the spotlight as he is to...other stuff.

5. The Angels in Order: "When did you first become a Rangers fan?"

July 16, 1978. Just kidding. It WAS sometime when I was 8, which was in 1978. I lived about 225 miles from Arlington so I knew about the Rangers, but back then we never got games on TV or even the radio. I loved playing baseball so it was a natural fit to like the Rangers. I went to my first games a couple of years later when the White Sox played a double header against Texas. I've been a die hard fan ever since, which was a lot of lean years!

Thanks for the questions guys, I'll have more answers later. By the way, the March Contest winner will be announced later today.


  1. One would've thought that Stealing Home would've sent you THAT magazine...

  2. I actually know what I was doing on July 16, 1978. It was my birthday and we were driving back from Yankee Stadium after I watched my first major league game in person.

  3. so true dawgbones ! i definitely dig that cover.

    thanks for answering my question PATP