Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pack War Packs 3-4

Here we go with the next two Pack War packs. Here is the scoring rules post if you need it to check me.

The leaderboard through two packs:

The Hit King--5 points
Fuji--3 points

Pack 3-2011 Heritage: Josh D-Royals, Billy Butler

Chris Johnson +0
Jason Kubel +0
Ian Stewart--Someone wake me when this pack is over. +0
Shane Victorino +0
Jose Valverde +0
Marlon Byrd--Chrome refractor parallel #211/562. Now we're talking. +15
Jordan Walden +0
Carl Crawford +0
Barry Cecil +0

Wow, that pack was boring, but it did have the one card. Those chrome refractor parallels fall 1:45 packs.

Josh D total: 15 points

Pack 4-2011 Heritage: arpsmith--Giants, Matt Cain

Nick Swisher--Yankee -2
Twin Terrors--Joe Mauer +1
Edinson Volquez +0
Hot Corner Guardians--blech, Yankees again! -2
Todd Helton +0
Then and Now Bob Gibson/Roy Halladay +5
Matt Kemp +0
Howie Kendrick +0
World Series Winners--NOOOO!!! Giants World Series card -5, Brian Wilson -2, favorite team +2. Total for this hideous card: -5

arpsmith total: -3 points. Sorry arpsmith!

That's four packs down, sixteen packs to go.

Your updated leaderboard looks like this:

Josh D--15 points
The Hit King--5 points
Fuji--3 points
arpsmith---3 points

Good luck to the rest of the participants. More packs to come!


  1. I'm silently laughing that Mauer is a +1, but then publicly telling you about it.

    ...purpose defeated. lol

  2. Ummm are some of these cards for trade afterwards? I need Edinson and that votto floating heat from packs 1-2...Please

  3. Yeah!!!! I take an early lead in a competition that has nothing to do with skill! Whooo-hooo!!!! :-)