Friday, March 23, 2012

Who wants some free packs of 2012 Topps Stickers?

As many of us do, I strolled by the card aisle at Wal-mart on my latest grocery buying trip. I noticed a new box of 2012 Topps Stickers. They also had 2 Hobby boxes of 2008 Topps Chrome!! I don't know if $49.98 is a good price for 2008 Topps Chrome, but I sure was tempted to blow the budget to get one. Instead, I picked up 10 packs of stickers and a never before seen discounted blaster of 2011 Heritage. My generous mother-in-law also brought by a blaster of 2012 Heritage so I thought I would spread the generosity.

I'm going to hold a little contest and give away 5 packs of stickers.

Tomorrow I'm going to make two posts, one at about 9:00 AM central time and one at about 5:30 PM central time. The first 8 commenters on each post will be assigned a pack of the Heritage and I'll be doing a little pack war. You can only get one entry so if you get one of the first 8 spots, please let others try for the second post. PLEASE POST YOUR FAVORITE TEAM AND PLAYER WITH YOUR COMMENT.

The pack war scoring will be completely up to me, but rest assured you'll get bonus points for Rangers, your favorite team and your favorite player. You may also lose points for certain teams. Consider this a sort of Heritag-a-Cuffs if you will. I'll post the scoring "rules" before I post the packs. I'll start posting packs on Monday. The winner will receive the 5 packs of stickers and the Heritage cards for their team.


  1. YESSSS! The one time having a kid who wakes up at 8am works out!

  2. Well there is probably no way in Hell being on Alaska Time I'll be up for the 9am on a Saturday. But I might make it in on the 530 one.

  3. Daughter's dance class pictures in the morning; our first date night in months in the evening.

    Foiled again!

  4. My wal-mart hed two 2008 Chrome Hobby Boxes, as well. Weird.

  5. If you're going by ebay, they're going for about $42-45 before shipping (most priced higher but not selling) so that doesn't sound like a horrible deal for a hobby box.

  6. You sure do hold a lot of contests. I keep trying to skip the contest posts because it's hard to comment on them, but it's one after another!