Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Autographed Sports Illustrated

I've been saving this one for last, but since Kathy Ireland turned 49 two days ago, I thought I'd post it as a belated birthday wish to my favorite SI model ever.

Kathy Ireland made an appearance at a KMart in Hawaii back in 1992 or 1993. I showed up with my copy of the 1992 SI Swimsuit issue and waited patiently for my chance to get an auto.

Kathy was really nice and spent a little time talking with each person and posing for pics.

I also got a large calendar signed. It was too big for the scanner, but it's stored safely away.

Here is the pic of her with my SI and the calendar is underneath it.

I started doing TTMs in 1995 and sent away a short note to Kathy.

She was nice enough to respond with this autographed picture. Not exactly the same as the SI, but still a nice auto for my collection.

I've got a few more TTMs left in that binder, but I think I'll hold off until after the Rangers win the 2012 World Series to post them.


  1. Cool Autos. Yeah Kathy has been my fave SI Model as well. You should have posted this on St. Paddy's Day because it made me green. LOL! ON a sidetrack kind of note when Denise Richards first came on the scene instead of saying "Wow She is SMOKIN!" my reaction was "Wow She looks like a slightly younger Kathy Ireland".

  2. ...and what a great first autographed SI it is!

  3. Doesn't she know you are supposed to get uglier the older you get?

  4. Seriously envious... great eye candy.