Sunday, March 18, 2012

It takes a Community

The saying might be "it takes a village", but in my case, it's all about Community. As in Community Gum. The CG boys busted 5 Jumbo Cases...yes, I said cases, of 2012 Topps. As a regular follower, I was quick to jump when they offered up the contents of those cases for sale. They had some very nice Rangers from the break so while I didn't buy all the available cards, I did get what I could and I was happy to add to my collection and help them out at the same time.

The CG Boys managed to get 8 of the Rangers gold parallels.

I bought them all including this Josh Hamilton.

Jon and Andy hooked me up with a couple of the Gold Rush redemption cards too.

I'm not exactly sure why Mitch Moreland is included, although I like him quite a bit. I guess being in a couple of World Series will get you a little more exposure than normal.

Oh Nelson, if only you'd caught that fly ball!

One Rangers black parallel popped up too. It was the one I most wanted and it's #34/61.

This last card isn't a Ranger one, but I couldn't resist. It's one of the Nolan Ryan Retired Rings manu-things. These are pretty nice for manufactured relics. It's #248/736 and I still don't get the numbering.

I also picked up an Alexi Ogando Golden Moments auto redemption and a complete set of the 1987 minis. That means the ones I got in packs will be available soon. I'll try to get a list up for those of you still looking for some.

Thanks Jon and Andy! I appreciate the great cards. Is it time Series 2 yet?


  1. Anytime! We're happy to be of service.

    Boy, I hope it's not time for Series 2 yet. We can use the breathing room after that adventure!

    I think the Gold Rush cards were also limited to people they have sticker autos of already, since they all get that treatment. Some of the choices are a little odd, though.

    Glad you enjoy the cards!

  2. Those are some great looking cards! And count me in as someone interested in your extra '87 minis. I still need about a third of them to complete my set.

  3. Very nice additions!!!
    I have had a very large box waiting to leave Troll Towne to head to Texas... Just waiting on the cash to ship. IT has a bunch of stuff in it, but one of the highlights was the Michael Young black parallel... I am gonna pull that cuz ya don't need two, ha!
    I will add my name to list of those in need of your '87 Topps minis... I have a list up, i still need about 40 of the 50... Once again, very nice pickups! Community Gum is a pretty rad place and I am sure they hooked ya up good!