Friday, March 2, 2012

Seeing Red

Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog contacted me about some cards he had for me. Boy, was I glad he did. He included 10 unused Golden Giveaway codes which was very generous. Unfortunately the codes only unlocked the virtual coins. Still, it was very nice of Scott to include those. He also included something I'll mention at the end of the post.

Here is what had me seeing red. Even though it's not quite the right shade of red, this Target Red Bordered Mike Napoli looks pretty sharp.

This red bordered Mike Adams doesn't pop quite the same way the Napoli does, but I mentioned the other day how I love parallels so it's nice to knock a couple off the needs list.

Hey look, it's a 1987 mini. On a 2012 card. I'm confused. I actually like these, but I picked up a complete set from the Community Gum boys so I'll have some of these for trade once they come in. I may post a list of what I have to see if any of you guys want my dupes.

This card is the tease for a post or two to come. It's a 1991 Score Craig Biggio Dream Team. It was one of 68 catcher cards Scott included in the package. I was blown away by all the catcher cards. It must have taken some time just to pull all these. I'll be showing some of them off in the very near future.

Thanks for another great package Scott.

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  1. 'Twas not a thing. Was sorting through doubles and saw a catcher card and well, you know...