Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Contest Part 2

I know you're super excited to win something so here is part two of the March Contest.

This is going to be super easy.

Leave a comment with your collection focus; team, player, set, etc. For example: Rangers, Catchers, Joe Mauer.

Whatever floats your collecting boat. You can include as little or as much as you want, but I want a database of your collecting goals after this is over because I'm about to do some major sorting and need to know who to contact when I'm done. If you collect football, basketball or hockey teams or players, don't forget to include those in your comment.


  1. I'm pretty much a vintage collector when it comes to sports. However, I'm a Steelers guy when it comes to football.

  2. Chris Getz, 2011 Kimball Champions, 2011 Topps 60.

  3. Rockies
    Catchers (only with catching equipment on)
    Brad Edwards (NFL)

  4. Phillies, Chooch, Doc Halladay, Utley, and Mr. Mantle.

  5. Arizona Diamondbacks
    Brandon Webb
    Ryan Roberts
    Mike Piazza
    Ken Griffey Jr.
    Cards of players holding multiple bats
    Cards of players holding awards
    Bat cards of players in the 3000 Hit Club

  6. Luke Hochevar (and Royals)
    Dexter Fowler (and Rockies)
    John Stockton (and 1990s all-stars)
    Ed McCaffrey (and Broncos)
    Manupatches and mustaches

  7. is there enough space here???

    Braves, Chipper, McCann, Adam LaRoche, Andruw Jones, Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz, Freddie Freeman, Craig Kimbrel.

    Cowboys, Lilly, Andrie, Pugh, Cole, Tony Romo, Jason Witten

    Canadiens, 50's -> current. Plus sets of course....

    Manchester United, Edwin van der Sar

    Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Kyle Bush

    put that in your database!

  8. Cleveland Indians
    Jim Thome
    Jim Abbott
    Pacific Baseball Christmas
    Conlon Collection cards
    Baseball Card Wrappers
    Anything baseball history

  9. Hmmm How much time do you got? OK seriously right now my main focus besides the Washington Teams (and B'more) is trying to play 40year plus catchup with vintage 60s and 70s from 1975 on back.

    Its all about the Vintage.

  10. Old-time HOFers, especially Hoyt Wilhelm

    Marlon Byrd
    Casey Kotchman
    Vladimir Guerrero
    Ichiro Suzuki

    ...and any cool vintage!

  11. I collect Hockey.
    1) any Pre-1990 (preferably vintage) Toronto Maple Leafs
    2) any new Winnipeg Jets (Atlanta Thrashers franchise)

  12. Cardinals and Reds,pitchers,Lance Lynn.

  13. I collect:
    St. Louis Cardinals, including former Cardinals in other uniforms.

    1992-94 Topps Gold and BlackGold cards

    And especially these 5 players
    Mel Stottlemyre
    Todd Stottlemyre
    Mark McGwire
    Ozzie Smith
    Nomar Garciaparra

  14. Ron Santo
    Ted Lilly
    Ryan Dempster
    Hunter Pence
    Sixties and older legends
    Tobacco cards
    Odd and non-sports subjects
    Great photography

  15. Matt Kemp
    Clayton Kershaw
    Russell Martin
    Ryan Getzlaf
    Al Rosen
    Roy Campanella
    Original Allen & Ginter
    Troy Tulowitzki
    Evan Longoria
    Kevin Love
    Jerry Sands
    Carlos Santana
    Bobby Ryan
    Chase Utley
    David Wright
    Cole Hamels
    Chad Billingsley
    Jason Heyward
    Alex Gordon
    Jay Bruce
    Jered Weaver
    Russell Westbrook
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    Patches (actual patches, not manufactured unless they're of one of my guys)
    Luca Sbisa
    Danny Espinosa

  16. Hosmer, Harper, Moustakas, Starling, Posey, Mauer, Braun, Pence, Gordon, Brett, Gehrig, Ruth, Pujols, Hamilton, Kershaw, Sandoval, J.Upton, Freeman, Trumbo, Trout, Myers, Hellickson, S.Miller.

    premium brand RCs, any uniform relics, certified autographs, cool limited edition inserts.


  17. Doesn't everyone know this already?


    Dodgers (anybody)
    Clayton Kershaw
    Ron Cey
    Sandy Koufax
    Hideo Nomo
    Orel Hershiser
    Matt Kemp
    Jackie Robinson
    Duke Snider
    1972 Topps
    1977 Topps
    1971 Topps (but hurry, I need only 8 more)
    1984 Donruss
    night cards
    2003-04-05 All-Time Fan Favorites
    2008 Heritage (mostly SPs)

  18. Vintage (1975 and earlier) Reds, Tigers, Cubs.

    Finishing sets of my youth - close on '76. Done on '77. Nowhere near finished on '78 through '83.

    Also looking for Steelers (my team since I was 8 and started following the sport).

  19. I concentrate my collection on Houston Astros, mainly Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman and Hunter Pence.

    Also, I'm a big Topps Gypsy Queen collector and am always looking for cards from that set!

  20. 1. Cubs
    2. Sandberg and Grace
    3. 1991 and older football
    4. 1991 and older basketball

    I also like a lot of the newer sets with the older feel (A&G, Chicle, Gypsy Queen, Heritage), but don't have much from any of those.

  21. Kansas City Royals, George Brett, other than that I would consider myself a set collector.

  22. Mariners(of course)
    Angels players pictures taken in Palm Springs
    Willie Stargell
    Dale Murphy
    Tim Lincecum(for my son)
    Tony Gwynn

  23. Collecting:
    Mariano Rivera
    CC Sabathia
    Justin Verlander
    Tom Glavine
    Tim Lincecum

    bit of Noland and Kershaw

    and everything Yankees, A&G and GQ

  24. Mostly Orel Hershiser (Darn, Night Owl mentioned him before I did. I'll never see another one.)
    Earl Wilson
    Bill Wade
    Jeff Burton

    For more bloggers that collect, visit Got it. Got it. Need it.

    Better yet, visit and ask to be added.

  25. Player collector: Ripken, Ivan Rodriguez, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, Kaline, and the amazing Coot Veal.

    Set: 2007 Bowman Heritage

    Vintage Tigers, especially vintage Bowman and Diamond Stars.

    I still have a huge stack of sweet Rangers for you when you're ready to trade one of these days.

  26. 1. Rockies
    2. Sutton/Pitino era Kentucky basketball players
    3. Topps Rookie All Star Team
    4. player collections (as players only)
    Don Baylor
    Jim Leyland
    Buddy Bell
    Clint Hurdle
    Jim Tracy
    5. random sets

  27. Red Sox Cards. All of them.
    Bill Virdon
    Boxing Cards
    Dan Marino

  28. Baseball:
    KC Royals
    Orel Hershiser

    Kurt Warner
    Tim Tebow
    Iowa State alums (Rosenfels, Wallace, Davis, Hobbs, etc.)

    Kyle Korver
    David Robinson
    John Wooden
    Mark Price
    Iowa State alums (Hoiberg, Fizer, Hornacek, Cato, Tinsley, Brackins, etc.)

    Odd Stuff
    Diamond Kings and other "Painted" cards

  29. Phillies, 1992-2005 Bowman, Ginter minis, Flyers, any other strange obsessions I pick up from time to time (see 1995 Fleer)

  30. Dodgers
    Ian Kinsler
    Kurt Suzuki
    Adrian Beltre

  31. Dodgers (more vintage the better)
    johnny bench
    mike schmidt
    al kaline
    any vintage HOFer

  32. Here is a not so comprehensive list:

    Chicago Cubs
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Pittsburgh Penguins

    Ernie Banks
    Ryne Sandberg
    Eric Tangradi

    Allen & Ginter sets from '06-'09
    Topps Sets from my son's birth years and from vintage years ('67-'73 with a primary focus right now on '71)

  33. T-1. Scott Sizemore
    T-1. David Wright
    3. Michael Cuddyer
    4. Justin Verlander
    5. Justin Upton
    6. BJ Upton
    7. Ryan Zimmerman
    8. Mark Reynolds

    I collect any football players from Virginia Tech: Ryan Williams, Tyrod Taylor, Rashad Carmichael, Lee Suggs, Kevin Jones, Xavier Adibi, Darryl Tapp, Vince Hall, DeAngelo Hall, Eric Green, Vince Fuller, Eddie Royal, David Clowney, Josh Morgan, Justin Harper, Brandon Flowers, Jim Druckenmiller, Bruce Smith, Corey Moore, Jason Worilds, John Engelberger, Ed Wang, Shyrone Stith, Andre Davis, Chris Ellis, Victor "Macho" Harris, Jeff King, Aaron Rouse, Michael Vick, Ernest Wilford, Jimmy Williams, etc.

  34. Older sets such as :


    Newer sets such as:

    '11 Heritage
    '08 UD Masterpieces

    Blue Jays
    Serial numbered cards...

  35. I collect Baltimore Orioles autographs. Trying for one each of every player to don the orange and black.

    Master list is here if anyone wants to take a peak.


  36. hockey, hockey and more hockey especailly the Leafs

  37. Javy Lopez, Mike Hampton, Dan Uggla

    Atlanta Braves

  38. Tino Martinez
    2000 UD HoloGRFX A Piece of the Series

  39. Bo Jackson
    John Jaso
    Atlanta Braves
    1987 Topps

  40. I just reconfigured my PCs. My main ones are:

    Casey Coleman
    Tony Campana
    Matt Stairs
    Alex Presley

  41. I focus on the Angels. Right now my player focus is Mike trout and Mark Trumbo. I'm also collecting an all-time Angels autograph list.