Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pack War Packs 7-8

Welcome to another round of Pack Wars! Ok, maybe it's not exciting enough to warrant an exclamation point, but you never know what might be lurking in the next pack. These are the final two packs of 2011 Heritage.

Once again, the scoring rules link, and the most current standings.

Josh D--15 points
Derek Hill--5 points
The Hit King--5 points
Rob--4 points
Fuji--3 points
arpsmith---3 points

Pack 7: Morgan - Braves, Dan Uggla

Giants Crush Rangers in Finale--This card just crushed any chance Morgan had of winning this contest. -5
Cabrera's Power--I'm still trying to get over the last card. +0
Chipper Jones--Favorite team. +2
Carlos Beltran +0
Rookie Parade--Floating heads, +1, SP +3. +4 total.
Wilson Ramos +0
Jarrod Dyson--blessing his lunch, +1
Josh Hamilton--Ranger great. +3
Jonathan Lucroy--Just signed a big contract. +0

That wasn't a bad pack for Morgan, but that Giants card killed it.

Morgan total = 5 points

Pack 8: Kazi - Blue Jays, Brett Lawrie

Kevin Millwood--48-46 in four seasons with the Rangers. Seems like a very average record for the $40+ million they paid him. +0
Wandy Rodriguez +0
Gio Gonzalez--Things are not going well for Kazi. +0
Denard Span +0
Paul Maholm--that's called a baseball Pat. +0
Brooks Robinson Baseball Flash Back--that's more like it! +5
A.J. Burnett--Heritage giveth and Heritage taketh away, Yankee. -2
2010 N.L. Home Run Leaders--Floating heads! +1
Bruce Bochy +0

Kazi total = 4 points

Here are your updated totals:

Josh D--15 points
Derek Hill--5 points
Morgan--5 points
The Hit King--5 points
Kazi--4 points
Rob--4 points
Fuji--3 points
arpsmith---3 points

Next up, the 2012 Heritage packs.


  1. Are you sure floating heads wouldn't be 3 x 1 =3

    oh never mind, still can't win

    Poisson d'Avril