Monday, March 19, 2012

Heritage Schmeritage

All you fancy pants rich boys and girls can have your 2012 Heritage with it's big price tag. I'll take an $11 blaster of Opening Day. I'll be sharing the best card in each pack with you, my dear readers.

Pack 1

Superstar Celebrations: Nelson Cruz and the Rangers celebrate his 11th inning grand slam in game 2 of the ALCS. It gave the Rangers a 7-3 victory and a 2-0 lead on the Tigers.

Pack 1 also included an Alex Gordon Elite Skills Player and a Heath Bell parallel #534/2012.

Pack 2

Other than the annoying Opening Day knee patch on Asdrubal Cabrera's pants, this is a great shot.

Pack 3

My son has already claimed all the mascot cards. He likes these better than any of the other inserts.

Pack 3 also had a Victor Martinez Fantasy Squad insert.

Pack 4

Another Fantasy Squad card appeared in Pack 4. It is Hanley Ramirez in the highly photoshopped Miami Marlins uniform.

Pack 4 also had a Brandon Belt parallel #1634/2012.

Pack 5

This pack was all about the double play. Here we have Ian Kinsler on an Elite Skills Player insert (Turning the Double Play).

Pack 5 also included a cool shot of Dustin Pedroia turning a double play and a Michael Young card.

Pack 6

Here we have a nice play at the plate card featuring Jacoby Ellsbury. I'll do some research and give the gory details on this one if I can find out the exact play.

Pack 7

Another mascot card for my son, starring Mr. Met this time.

Pack 7 also had an Adam Jones Superstar Celebrations card. It's hard to believe, but it highlights the first walk-off homer of Jones' 6 year career.

Pack 8

Big Prince Fielder makes an appearance on an Elite Skills Player insert. What's the skill? Well, it's not stealing bases. It's the ever popular home run.

Pack 9

Yet another mascot card, this time Raymond from the Tampa Bay Rays. My son is raking them in now. We need the Rangers mascot to show up.

Pack 10

Wouldn't you know it, a Yankee insert showed up. This is the Opening Day Stars Robinson Cano. These fall 1:8 packs. You should get one in every blaster. The only two cards you probably won't get in a blaster is an auto (1:568 packs) or a printing plate (1:3226 packs). I know of at least one blogger who did pull an auto from his blaster though.

You may have noticed this post only showed 10 packs worth of cards even though the Opening Day blasters have 11 packs. Well, yours truly is a doofus and forgot to scan a card out of the last pack. The best card in the last pack was Clayton Kershaw's card. If you haven't seen it, it's a pretty nice picture. Sorry I can't show you.

By the way, I apologize for calling all you Heritage buyers names at the beginning of this post. I bought three blasters myself. I may even show the contents someday soon.


  1. Yer son has great taste, I LOVE the mascot cards! That is my favorite thing about Opening Day...
    Give him a message for me... I WANT that Raymond card... What do ya want for it????

  2. OD hobby box cost 33 bucks, I LOVE OD! and always complete the set.

  3. Mr. Met has always creeped me out.

  4. Like I've been telling everyone else, if you're looking for Heritage, I'm giving away everything I pulled.

    Just go over here...

  5. The Dodgers don't have a mascot, but after seeing that Braves card, I wish they did.