Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MCG Tradeathon by the Numbers

Like the Topps MCG Giveaway, the MCG Tradeathon is coming to a close. I thought I would share some of the numbers with you.

Hey, where are you going? Come BACK!!

As of this moment there are 16 people involved in the Tradeathon, yours truly excluded. Cardsplitter and I are playing email tag in hopes of getting one more trade done by tomorrow, but as of now, it's 16.

In no particular order, the players are:

Cards on Cards
Hey, That's Mine
Stats on the Back
Dawgbone, A Phillies Phan
Too Many Granderson
The Collective Troll
Prophet Got It
Tomahawk Chopping-Cardboard and More
The Vintage Sportscards Blog
Justin's World
Padrographs: Abner to Zimmer
Smed's Baseball Card Blog
"O" No...Another Orioles Blog
Midwest Cardboard
Clear Cut Cards
No One is Going to Read this Blog

I think that's everyone, but if I left you out, let me know ASAP!

I made 21 trades with 14 of these bloggers, netting 102 cards. Two others sent codes for me to redeem. Ryan from "O" No sent 2 codes and Big D from "Hey, That's Mine" sent another 12.

I also made 8 trades outside the Tradeathon that netted an additional 21 cards.

That makes the total number of cards available 137. That's enough cards to make at least two trades so...pending a deal with Cardsplitter, stay tuned for more news later.

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