Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Play at the Plate courtesy of Too Many Grandersons and MCG

Too Many Grandersons had some cards on the MCG site he was looking to trade for Tigers. One of them was a great play at the plate card that I just had to have.

After trading emails, I used some of my cards to acquire a 1973 Willie Horton. I sent the Horton and two other '73s over to him for this gem.

This 1973 Pat Corrales instantly becomes one of my favorite play at the plate cards. Let's take a look.

Pat Corrales vs. Ferguson Jenkins

June 14, 1972 San Diego Padres @ Chicago Cubs

Steve Arlin is on the mound for the Padres. It's the bottom of the 2nd and the Cubs already have a 3-1 lead. Ron Santo leads off with a single to center. Randy Hundley flies out to left. Fergie Jenkins, the Cubs starting pitcher, singles to left, moving Santo to 2nd. Don Kessinger doubles to left scoring Santo. Jenkins is waved home and the relay throw from Leron Lee to Enjo Hernandez to Pat Corrales is in time! Jenkins is out in what looks to have been a mighty collision.

Both Jenkins and Corrales stayed in the game and the Cubs won the game 12-9. Jenkins got the win despite giving up 7 earned runs.

Many thanks to TMG for trading this card to me!


  1. Great pickup! I love that card and even included it in a magazine article I wrote about the 1973 set a few years back.


    Dammit. Guess what card was scheduled to run in my 1973 Topps Photography blog in a few days?

    It's OK...I still have about 600 cards left to cover. I'll just bump that Corrales card back several weeks and use another catcher card I have ready instead.

  2. I didn't mean to steal your thunder...I just post 'em as I get 'em. There are so many quirky photos in that set. I really like it alot.

  3. It's all good. There's no way you could have known what I'm getting ready to feature.

    There's still an awful lot of cards left to show for the set, Corrales can get placed back on the bench and hold that grimace for a little while longer. It's good to have options.

  4. NEEEEEEED to get that card.

    RIP, Chris.