Sunday, August 1, 2010

Post #500 involves Free Ginter and the August Contest

This is my 500th post.


To celebrate the milestone, since it falls on the first day of August, I thought I'd give away something you all will really want.

Free A&G cards. Not just any old searched cards either. A nice, fresh, sealed up tight 2010 Allen & Ginter Blaster. That's right a blaster.

The contest is fairly simple and you can enter ONCE a day for three days.

I have 23 of the 158 autos from the 1999 SP Signature Edition set. Once a day, for the next three days, you get to guess one of the cards I have. You can (should) guess a different card each day and it doesn't matter if someone else has guessed it or not. At the end of three days, I'll enter everyone who guessed correctly in the randomizer and pick a winner. If you guess right one time, you get one entry, two correct guesses equals two entries, and so on. If you want to mention the contest in a post on your blog, I'll give you one entry, even if you don't guess correctly once. Please leave a link on this post if you mention the contest so I can give you credit.

Commenting on this post counts as entry one. I'll put up a separate entry for day 2 and day 3 at 8:00 AM each day. Please comment on those days for your other entries.

The player checklist looks like this (and I think that is more than 158, but it was copied from the UD website):

AB Albert Belle Orioles
AG Alex Gonzalez Marlins
AJ Andruw Jones Braves
AL Al Leiter Mets
AN Abraham Nunez Pirates
AP Angel Pena Braves
AR Alex Rodriguez Mariners
BA Bob Abreu Phillies
BB Barry Bonds Giants
BC Bruce Chen Braves
BD Ben Davis Padres
BF Brad Fullmer Expos
BH Bob Henley Expos
BR Brad Radke Twins
BS Bobby Smith Devil Rays
BW Bryan Ward White Sox
CC Carlos Castillo White Sox
CD Carlos Delgado Blue Jays
CF Carlos Febles Royals
CH Chad Hermansen Pirates
CJ Chipper Jones Braves
CK Corey Koskie Twins
CL Carlos Lee White Sox
CP Calvin Pickering Orioles
DB Dermal Brown Royals
DE Darin Erstad Angels
DG Derrick Gibson Rockies
DL Derrek Lee Marlins
DO David Ortiz Twins
DS Donnie Sadler Red Sox
EB Emil Brown Pirates
EC Eric Chavez Athletics
ED Orlando Hernandez Yankees
EM Edgar Martinez Mariners
EW Enrique Wilson Indians
FR Frank Robinson Orioles
FS Fernando Seguignol Expos
FT Frank Thomas White Sox
FV Fernando Vina Brewers
GJ Geoff Jenkins Diamondbacks
GJ Geoff Jenkins Brewers
GK Gabe Kapler Tigers
GL George Lombard Braves
GM Greg Maddux Braves
GV Greg Vaughn Reds
HK Harmon Killebrew Twins
IC Ivanon Coffie Orioles
JC Jason Conti Diamondbacks
JD J.D. Drew Cardinals
JE Juan Encarnacion Tigers
JG Jose Guillen Pirates
JK Jason Kendall Pirates
JM Juan Melo Padres
JO John Olerud Mets
JP Jim Parque White Sox
Jr Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners
JS Jesus Sanchez Marlins
JT J.T. Snow Giants
JV Jason Varitek Red Sox
KB Kevin Barker Brewers
KW Kevin Witt Blue Jays
MA Marlon Anderson Phillies
MB Michael Barrett Expos
MC Mike Caruso White Sox
MK Mark Kotsay Marlins
MK Mike Kindade Mets
MO Mo Vaughn Angels
MP Mike Piazza Mets
MR Manny Ramirez Indians
MS Mike Schmidt Phillies
MT Miguel Tejada Athletics
MV Mario Valdez White Sox
NG Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox
NR Nolan Ryan Rangers
OD Octavio Dotel Mets
OP Orlando Palmeiro Angels
PB Pat Burrell Phillies
PG Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
PK Paul Konerko White Sox
PM Pedro Martinez Red Sox
PO Paul O'Neill Yankees
RB Russ Branyan Indians
RC Royce Clayton Rangers
RD Ray Durham White Sox
RH Roy Halladay Blue Jays
RJ Reggie Jackson Yankees
RL Ray Lankford Cardinals
RM Ryan Minor Orioles
RN Robb Nen Giants
RR Rafael Roque Brewers
RT Reggie Taylor Phillies
RY Robin Yount Diamondbacks
RY Robin Yount Brewers
SA Sandy Alomar Jr. Indians
SB Scott Brosius Yankees
SC Sean Casey Reds
Sm Stan Musial Cardinals
SP Sidney Ponson Orioles
SR Scott Rolen Phillies
TG Tony Gwynn Padres
TW Todd Walker Twins
VC Vinny Castilla Rockies
VG Vladimir Guerrero Expos
WJ Wally Joyner Padres
ABE Adrian Beltre Dodgers
AJB A.J. Burnett Marlins
AJP A.J. Pierzynski Twins
ARA Aramis Ramirez Pirates
BCo Bartolo Colon Indians
Bwa Billy Wagner Astros
CBE Carlos Beltran Royals
CHA Chris Haas Cardinals
CHu Chad Hutchinson Cardinals
Ck1 Cesar King Rangers
CKI Cesar King Rangers
DAM Damon Minor Giants
DEa Damion Easley Tigers
DGL Doug Glanville Phillies
DOM Doug Mientkiewicz Twins
DSE David Segui Mariners
ELI Eli Marrero Cardinals
EM1 Eric Milton Twins
EMA Eddie Mathews Braves
EMI Eric Milton Twins
EMU Eddie Murray Orioles
FTa Fernando Tatis_1 Cardinals
GMJ Gary Matthews Jr. Padres
JAG Jason Giambi Athletics
JC1 Jeff Cirillo Diamondbacks
JCI Jeff Cirillo Brewers
JDa Johnny Damon Royals
JEG Jeremy Giambi Royals
JH1 Jerry Hairston Jr. Orioles
JHJ Jerry Hairston Jr. Orioles
JLa Joe Lawrence Blue Jays
JLE Jim Leyritz Padres
JoC Jose Canseco Devil Rays
MCL Matt Clement Padres
MKA Matt Karchner Cubs
MKI Mike Kinkade Mets
MME Mitch Meluskey Astros
MR1 Mariano Rivera Yankees
MRI Mariano Rivera Yankees
POP Willie Stargell Pirates
RBe Ron Belliard Diamondbacks
RBe Ron Belliard Brewers
RGa Ron Gant Phillies
RGr Rusty Greer Rangers
RMa Ruben Mateo Rangers
ROB Robert Fick Tigers
ROF Rob Bell Reds
ROL Rollie Fingers Athletics
ShH Shea Hillenbrand Red Sox
SRo Ken Griffey Sr. Reds
STH Sterling Hitchcock Padres
TG1 Troy Glaus Angels
TGL Troy Glaus Angels
THe Todd Helton Rockies
THo Trevor Hoffman Padres
TSe Tom Seaver Mets
TST Todd Stottlemyre Diamondbacks
WMC Willie McCovey Giants

A couple of tips...all of the cards I have came from packs, not individual purchases and if you know my story from the beginning, it might help.

Alright, get your first entry in here and look for the second entry page tomorrow!

Good luck!!


  1. I am going to guess Eric Chavez of the Athletics. I also posted about the contest on my blog. Here is the link:

    Thanks for the contest!

  2. Haha Nice contest! Uhhh Corey Koskie, and an advertisement will be up later on my blog

  3. I'll guess Royce Clayton. I desperately tried to cheat and search through your archives for hints but, alas, failed.

    I'll link your contest this afternoon. Congrats on #500!

  4. I'm going to guess Brad Fullmer, and will post about your contest later today. First I need to do my 500th post though - very weird that we're hitting 500 on the same exact day hahaha.

  5. I'm going to guess: PB Pat Burrell Phillies

    Congratulations on your 500th post. This is a pretty cool contest... and I love this set. Here's the link to my blog with your contest on it. Thanks!

  6. With his selection in the first round RoofGod selects....Jason Giambi Oakland Athletics.

  7. Robert Fick 'cause if I pulled one of these autos, it would be Robert Fick. And I hope someone else has as bad of luck as i do.

  8. I'll guess PG-Ivan Rodriguez.

    Post advertising this contest is pending.

  9. Link to post;

  10. Congrats Brian! 500 posts and you still rock! I am going to guess Gabe Kapler... AWESOME!!!

  11. I'm going to guess Carlos Castillo White Sox.
    Here's my link

  12. I would have picked Carlos Febles or Dee Brown, but I will go with Emil Brown.

  13. I'm guessing John Olerud. Congrats on 500!

  14. this is my guess EMA Eddie Mathews Braves

    congrats on 500th really cool dude!! i'll link it ti my site soon enough

  15. Congratulations on the 500 posts.

    THo Trevor Hoffman Padres is my guess.

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  17. Big Congrats on 500!
    I will guess card AL Al Leiter Mets since it is one I would hope to pull.

    I have posted link at

  18. Wow, so many in that group I've never heard of -- which means those are the ones I'd pull.

    Let's go with Juan Melo. That would really tick me off, since he's a Padre, too.

    Congrats on 500!

  19. I will with David Ortiz. I don't think he was a hard pull in 1999.

  20. The link to the contest is on my site

  21. I'll go with Paul O'Neeil, because maybe you were waiting to trade that to me :)

    Congrats on 500!!!

  22. Jason Kendall

    My link:

  23. Eric Chavez

    I posted the contest on my blog's the link

  24. I'll go with Rusty Greer. I like to think other people have better luck with pulling their team and players than I do.

  25. I'm going to guess a Ranger - Royce Clayton


    I entered earlier in the day - here's my blog post from later in the day!

  27. No more entries for day one. Look for the day two entry post coming within the hour.

  28. Troy Glaus neat lil contest. Thanks, Dion

  29. You've got to have the Darin Erstad... I've pulled at least 600 Erstads from packs.

    Congrats on your milestone!

  30. Am I too late???? okay maybe I'll save my guess for day three.....

  31. I'll go with Johnny Damon today.

    Here's my link.

  32. I'll say... Brad Radke.