Friday, December 2, 2011

December Contest Question #2

Let me start off by saying how much I enjoyed the responses to the first question. I purposefully didn't specify how "rich" the aunt was so you could decide for yourself. If you missed the first question, feel free to click HERE and get in on the action.

Here is question #2.

Looking ahead to 2012, what are two Topps products from 2011 that you don't want to see again and what are two new/revived Topps products you'd like to see introduced or brought back.

Flagship doesn't count because it's not going anywhere.

Still wondering about the prize? I'll give the winner a choice of a Topps Value Box or something of equivalent value. Fair enough?


  1. What I don't need to see next year.
    Lineage and Bowman Chrome (Unless Topps stops putting Chrome into it's regular Bowman release.

    Two that I'm looking forward to Allen and Ginter and Gypsy Queen.

    Two I would like to see brought back
    Stadium Club and Gold Label.

  2. I could do without Opening Day and Attax. I'd love to see a cool die cut set (not like X, more like an original take on Topps Laser) and Gallery

  3. I would like topps heritage minor league and teir1 stay and chrome and opening day go

  4. Don't want Minor League Heritage or Bowman Chrome.

    Looking forward to Allen & Ginter and Heritage

    Would like to see Stadium Club and Topps Total.

  5. I would like to see Topps get rid of one of the many Bowman offshoots and Lineage.

    Topps should bring back Gold Label and Archives (if done properly)

  6. Lineage and Tier 1 can go.

    Love to see Topps Total return to the lineup, along with Gypsy Queen.

  7. I would like these to leave:
    Bowman Draft and Topps Tier 1

    I want these to return:
    Gypsy Queen and bring back Stadium Club

  8. This will not be the popular vote, but I would like to see A&G retired along with Lineage.

    Ooening Day is cheap enough for kids which in turn help the future of the hobby...can't lose that. Same with Attax, not my thing but not meant for me either.

    I would like to see the return of Topps Tek (slightly altered to being a once every 5 year or so product with 2-3 players per team) and my second choice would be Topps Total (every single player and manager in the league this year...NO PARALLELS).

  9. I'd like to see Bowman ANYTHING go and Stadium Club and Gold Label take it's place.

    As usual, I'm most excited for Allen & Ginter (though I hope Topps brings back the landmarks and revolving door type cards), not to mention fun (and interesting) minis again. I'm also excited for the second year of Gypsy Queen, I'm guessing the set will have a better response this time around (which will, unfortunately, mean blasters won't be nearly so loaded).

  10. I can do without Lineage (though I do like the mini '75 relics) and Update (though I like the cards of my guys from the set).

    I like Tier One and Gypsy Queen, so I'd like to see those back.

  11. Anything Bowman can go bye-bye. Anything topps tries to do that is 'high end' can go bye-bye.

    Bring back Topps Total!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Say goodbye to Lineage and Marquee.

    Keep Gypsy Queen and... and... um... uh... Buy "Masterpieces" from Upper Deck and make a decent set? PLEASE!?!?

  13. I want Gypsy Queen and A&G back, but we already know they're coming. Looking before 2011, I want Stadium Club and Gallery. Those were sets that featured awesome photography and artwork, respectively, without much (if anything) cluttering up the card with designs (throwback, modern, or otherwise).

    I liked the idea of throwback inserts used in Lineage, but the base set was meaningless. And I would like to see the end of Bowman as we know it - keep the brand, keep all the releases, but restructure it into multiple series instead of five separate releases.

  14. Get rid off Lineage and Tier 1 and bring back Topps Total and Stadium Club.

  15. Bring back Topps Gold Label and Lineage but with new lineage inserts/parallels.

    Dump Opening Day and Bowman. Bowman Chrome & Platinum are enough.

  16. I didn't collect anything new this year (and my daughter got the hobby box of Bowman I won at the National). So I really can't answer this completely.

    However, I don't care for the Attax cards, nor did I feel Gypsy Queen was a well-thought out conception.

    On the other hand, I like the "old school" look of the Target inserts that were made of the base sets, as well as Heritage.

  17. I would ditch Tier One and Attax.

    I would bring back Gold Label (love that set) and probably Topps Total (I never cracked it but as a set builder building that massive set would be great!). If I get a third it would have to be Stadium Club.

  18. Looking forward to Heritage.

    Could do without Opening Day and Chrome.

    Would like to see Archives come back.

  19. It seems like Attax could go and no one would really miss it. Would kids ever choose this over Chinpokomon when they can get Shoe? Also, the minor league Heritage set seemed pretty ridiculous. Cut please.

    And make room for Bowman Heritage! I can't believe no one wants to see BH revived. Sure they're out of vintage designs, but they can always start over. And I'll throw in another vote for Topps Total.

  20. I could do without Opening Day and one less Bowman. They all confuse me.

    I'd like to see the return of Topps Laser and Debut (the one from the early 90s).

  21. I don't understand the point of Gypsy Queen or like the look of the base cards, so I wouldn't miss it, although I know there'd be screaming if it disappeared.

    All of Bowman, to quote dayf, can die in a fire.

    I'd love to see Fan Favorites or Total return, but both are basically unpossible.

    So, what I'm asking for will never happen. That's me, the out-of-touch collector.

  22. To quote night owl and dayf bowman can die in a fire. I also think Marquee was the biggest pile of crap that Topps produced all year.

    I am looking forward to GQ and chrome again.

  23. I don't care much for Bowman and I can't afford any of the high end stuff. I'd like to see Gallery or a Masterpieces style set. How about American Heritage?

  24. Products I have no use for: Football and Wrestling.
    Products I'd love to see again:
    Gypsy Queen and Opening Day.

  25. did someone say 'fire'? i agree...let the m**** f**** bowmans burn. returns? gypsy queen and believe it or not, attax. although its not meant for me, i'm glad there's something meant for kids, or kids at heart.

  26. I don't want to see Topps Chrome or Bowman Chrome. Actually I don't want to see regular Bowman either.

    I'm looking forward to Heritage because I always liked the 63 design.

  27. I could do without Bowman, A&G or Attax. I'd put the high end stuff on there because I can't afford packs but I do like the cards so I just pick them off when I can.

    I liked Lineage, GQ and Heritage.

    I'd like Total and Archives to come back. and I never minded Stadium Club either so I wouldn't hate a return of those either.

  28. Get rid of Attax and Opening Day my 2 least favorites.

    Bring back 1966 Topps Rub-Offs and a new product I'd like to see would be something along the lines of the old Fleer logo cards. The larger sized 1968-69 type logo/trivia cards. I dig logos.

  29. Don't need the Attax, or Stickers

    Would like to see Turkey Red as a set and Gold Label

  30. To be gone: Topps Marquee and Bowman Platinum..

    To return from the idea graveyard: Stadium Club (not like 2008) and Topps Stars

  31. Hard to say what I'd get rid of, because if I don't like a set I just don't collect it, but I guess to make more shelfspace for what I like, i'd get rid of Attax and Stickers.

    I'd bring back Gallery (I have some from 98 that look pretty cool) and Stadium Club.

    And counter to what many people said, I hope they keep Opening Day around. I don't really know why. Maybe it's my love of parallels and/or easy-to-complete sets.

  32. Gypsy Queen for sure. Very glad to hear it's coming back..

  33. Kill EVERYTHING except flagship and stickers. Kill it with fire. killkillkiiiiilllll

  34. Go away: Attax & Opening Day

    Here to stay: Gallery & Signature

  35. Bowman regular can go.

    Lineage should go or, better yet, restyle it as a set featuring very good vets of the past that you just don't see in new cards enough. And, fix the backs!

    As much as I wanted to like Gypsy Queen this year, I really only loved the framed papers - both bronze and green. I wasn't much for the base cards. I think GQ should return as a 100-card framed paper set with more colors - maybe three and then one each exclusive to Target/Walmart. With next year's base cards, it seems like the players' names are going to be very tough to read.

    Very much looking forward to another Heritage set!

  36. Ditch?
    Lineage. And I never have understood Bowman

    NONE! If there are going to be new lines, they should be another company

  37. Opening Day and Attax = Weak...

  38. Peace out Lineage and Gypsy Queen

    Keep A&G and Heritage Minors

    Bring back Total and Turkey Red (without SPs)

  39. I don't want to see Opening Day or Attax. I would like Topps to bring back Stadium Club (w/o the SPs) and Total.