Friday, December 9, 2011

Feeling Patriotic

This will be quick and painless for all you baseball card snobs (I say that because I'm one too.)

My mother-in-law plopped another blaster down in front of me yesterday. My hopes were immediately dashed when I saw it was 8 pack of Panini's 2011 Americana. I covered my disappointment pretty well and thought to myself, I'll just return it for something else. I've got nothing against a little Hollywood card love, but it's not normally my thing. I've busted a few of these in the past, but would rather have baseball cards. My generous MIL dashed my grand switcheroo by saying she wanted to open the packs with me.

Needless to say, I was a little surprised. I asked why and she said she wanted to see a James Dean card. He's the cover boy and one of her childhood idols. That was enough motivation for me and the least I could do after all the cards she's bought for me.

Here are the results of our 8 pack (5 cards per pack) blaster of Americana.

The first pack had this Prime Time Stars Emmanuelle Chriqui insert. I've never heard of her, but the back says she was on Entourage. Never seen it.

The 5th pack revealed this silver parallel of Leslie Nielsen, #13/100. Apparently there are a number of different parallels in Americana. I have heard of Nielsen and thought he was a pretty funny guy.

The "hit" of the blaster was this Road to Zanzibar Movie Poster Bing Crosby relic, #47/99. It looks and feels like a piece of an old tweed jacket. Most of the other Movie Poster relics are /499 so I guess this was a good pull.

We didn't pull a James Dean, but she was pretty happy about the Bing Crosby card so I put it in a toploader for her and she took it home.

I have a feeling she may be buying us another one of these to open. She really wants that James Dean.


  1. Awesome! Any time family members show an interest in cards you've gotta encourage that.

    And nice pull on the Bing! :-)

  2. Leslie Nielsen was great and his performance in Airplane is quite possibly the best comedic performance ever.

    BTW, I have seen didn't miss much. It is HORRIBLE.

  3. Haven't bought this. Interesting. That's a sweet Bing though!

    Leslie Nielsen was brilliant, especially in Airplane!

    Didn't see Entourage.

    James Dean grew up 20 miles from my hometown. Been to the James Dean fest regularly.

    That's all I got.

  4. Cool post. Sucks the switcharoo idea got turned upside down. But, maybe the MIL understands why we keep going back for more.

  5. so let me get this straight. Panini in their infinite wisdom, puts out a set called, "Americana".

    And in "Americana" you pull cards of Emmanuelle Chriqui and Leslie Neilson. Both very famous Canadians.

    Well done Panini.

  6. Maybe they should call it North Americana.

  7. Nice, I've been buying a few of these single packs here and there but have yet to pull a hit, or a James Dean, but if I get a Dean, I'll keep you in mind.
    Oh, and Hiflew, "Don't call me shirley!"

  8. Dude, you pulled a Silver Parallel of ENRICO PALAZZO!!!!!!!

  9. You have never seen Entourage??? Really??? You are missing out.

  10. Emmanuelle Chriqui -- I have a hell of hard time spelling her name -- was almost my next "she likes the Dodgers" photo. But I can't get it to fit into the little space Blogger reserves on the sidebar. She's about as wide as toothpick, so I don't know how that's possible.

  11. i think its cool also that your MIL wanted to bust packs. why not, right?
    on the leslie nielson tip - check out his short lived but pretty darn funny TV show - police squad.

  12. I finally figured it out (but I still have issues with this). Chriqui won the place of honor for awhile, until someone specifically requested that she get the boot (how could anyone do that?)