Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I stand corrected...sort of

Yesterday I posted that time was running short on the Diamond Giveaway promotion. Thanks to Derek and Dawgbones, I discovered the deadline I posted wasn't accurate. Even Topps doesn't seem to know exactly what is going on with the deadline.

The Diamond Giveaway site still says the deadline for redeeming codes and requesting delivery for cards is 12/31/11.

The Topps website gives a different, if slightly impossible, deadline. On the site, the deadline for redeeming codes for Series 1 and Update is said to be 1/31/12, the date listed on the code cards. The deadline for redeeming codes for Series 2 and all other activity on the site is 6/31/12. Trading and card delivery will be available until that final date.

I have two problems with the final date of 6/31/12. First, why is the deadline for Update BEFORE the deadline for Series 2? That makes no sense. Second, and I'd like Topps to make special note of this information, there is NO 31st day in the month of June. Never has been, never will be. How does a major company even post a deadline that occurs on a non-existent date?

I guess I should just say don't hold me to any of the deadline dates you've seen posted here. How am I supposed to know what I'm talking about when Topps doesn't know what they're talking about?

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