Sunday, December 18, 2011

Drying out

I came home from work Friday only to discover my water heater decided it was time to retire.

The thing about water heaters is they don't announce their retirements ahead of time. There isn't any farewell tour around the league where other teams give the water heater a celebratory gift. No, they just start leaking water all over the place, in this case, my garage.

Nothing was ruined other than my savings account. I had planned a trip to the post office Friday afternoon, but that didn't happen. I'll be trying again on Monday so if you're expecting something from me, it should go out tomorrow.


  1. yuck. Just be glad it was in your garage and not in your basement!

  2. Dude, I feel for you... I remember my last water heater mishap - it took down a lot of cards (and comics) with it... Sucks.
    Its always perfect timing with these things too...
    Dont let it bring you down... Stay happy for the holidays!


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