Saturday, December 17, 2011

One more slice of Pie

While doing a little searching for those American Pie cards I mentioned yesterday, I discovered some interesting "memorabilia" cards that are available this time around.

Long time followers might remember a post I did about this 2001 American Pie relic I pulled from a pack.

Topps has reached into the JFK bag again for the 2011 version of AP.

This one is a little creepy to me. I could almost walk to the grassy knoll from my office and get my own piece of "history", but I guess this card would round out my JFK Pie collection. It's really the other three cards in this subset that I want the most.

The Statue of Liberty was closed immediately after the attacks of 9/11 and remained closed to the public until May of 2009. Now only 240 people per day are permitted to climb the steps to the crown. The Statue was closed on October 29, 2011 for a year-long renovation. This "relic" could have come from one of the past renovations. I have a feeling it will turn to dust like my Berlin Wall relic did.

I'm a history major and my interest in primarily in U.S. history so this Lewis and Clark relic is cool. I haven't seen what it says on the back of the card so that could be a scoop of dirt and gravel from the smoking area outside Topps back door.

My favorite card in the subset (I only found these four on the 'bay) is this Gettysburg card. It is my humble opinion that the Civil War is the most fascinating part of U.S. history. I'm interested in what the card back says about this "relic". I sure hope it's not more of that broken office desk from the Topps warehouse.

If anyone gets one of these three cards and wants to move it, let me know.


  1. These relics are pretty awesome... especially your Kennedy and the Statue of Liberty relic (assuming that's a piece of the Lady).

  2. wow! these are pretty cool! I never thought I would say that on non-sports cards.

  3. These are still some of the coolest and most awesome cards I've ever seen.