Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time's running short

The Topps Diamond Giveaway gimmick...I mean promotion, ends at 11:59:59 PM eastern time on December 31st. That gives you 25 days and some change to get any codes entered and cards shipped. My son is going to be disappointed because he only has 21 rings, leaving him 24 short of the special edition set. No worries, I have one and he'll end up with it anyway.

I'm not doing the great Diamond Giveaway contest I did last year. It was fun to accumulate all those unwanted cards and trade them for a couple of real winners from 1954. Like I said, it was fun, but it was a LOT of work. Maybe I'll try again next year if Topps is doing it again.

I've been trying to whittle my portfolio down a bit by trading small lots of cards for older cards. It's tougher to do this year, especially with time winding down in the promotion. I managed to get one trade offer accepted over the weekend.

I offered up a couple of '73s and three '80s cards for this beauty from 1959:

I didn't really go on the site thinking I'd make an offer for this, but I didn't have anything special in mind (I've been unable to get any '56 play at the plates this year). When I logged on, this card was in the list of recently unlocked cards and I thought it would make a nice addition to my catchers collection. I also thought it would look nice next to this Frank House I traded for in last year's Million Card Giveaway.

If you're planning on entering any codes or getting your cards, don't forget the deadline is fast approaching.


  1. I saw on topps Facebook that they are going to leave it open until July 2012. I think they sai that series two redemptions were valid until that date while the series one and update codes expired in December.

  2. Half my code cards have 1/31/12 for an expiration of the code. The rest have 6/30/12. I would think it would be kind of hard to redeem them if the whole she-bang shuts down on the 31 of December!

  3. I had wondered when I had to have them all shipped by. I better get with it.