Friday, December 2, 2011

I love the Community

Jon over at the Community Gum recently did a great 11 box break of Topps products ranging from 1996 to 2005. Naturally, I had the Rangers, but I asked for a few cards from unclaimed teams along the way and Jon was nice enough to send those for future considerations.

You have to love the classy Community Gum business card. Yea, that's right, they're not just a blog anymore. They are an honest to goodness business and as they grow, I'm sure they'll have some great deals on cards. They provided boxes for this year's Gint-A-Cuffs participants. I know because I got my box from them.

This 2005 Topps Turkey Red Ian Kinsler Black parallel would have made a great Black Friday card. I didn't have it then, but I do now and it looks really sharp. I wish more ballplayers wore their pants the old-school way like Kins.

How about a little 1996 Topps Laser action, ala Will Clark. Everyone knows Will Clark is my favorite all-time player, which is funny since I like catchers so much. I respected the way he played the game--all out, all the time. The thing that is funny about this card is that the little laser cut guy appears to be running really fast. Will was definitely NOT known for his speed. He had 67 steals in 15 big league seasons, with only 8 of those coming in his 5 years with Texas.

That is one beautiful Pudge Rodriguez card. It's from the 2000 Topps Gold Label set. I think it's an all around nice design.

Here's a mystery for you. This is s 2001 Topps Fusion Stadium Club Ivan Rodriguez. You'll notice there is a Dodger at the plate. I can't verify this 100%, but I might know the play that's pictured. The Dodgers visited Texas for a three game set from June 5-7, 2000. The Rangers won game 1, but lost the next two. In the 9th inning of the first game, Shawn Green was at first and took 2nd on defensive indifference. Dave Hansen was the batter. Hansen would later popout for the final out of the game. The thing is, I'm not sure that's Hansen. It's hard to see the full number, but the situation fits the photo. Any thoughts?

Here is one of the non-Ranger cards I asked for. This 2005 Turkey Red Josh Gibson will make a nice addition to my catcher collection. Retro sometimes gets overdone, but this is retro done right.

Cristian Guzman didn't stick with the Rangers and did very little while he was with the team at the end of 2010. Still, Topps gave him a Hope Diamond parallel and it's #43/60. This helps quench my irrational thirst for every Rangers parallel known to man. It's a foolish quest I know, but the team collector in me can't help it.

I don't know where Jon got this one, but he must have read about my interest in Presidential cards. He included this stunning 2004 Topps Chrome Presidential Pastime James Madison Refractor. I used to have one of the other refractors and I traded it to Beardy. It's the one card I've traded away since finding the blogosphere that I wished I had kept.

Thank you Jon! These are just a few of the great cards he sent over and I encourage all of you to get in any group break the CG boys put's well worth it!


  1. Nice haul, I wish my team did that well.

    BTW, Jon got that Pastime card from one of my breaks. Oddly enough it was the 2nd time I had pulled that exact card and I traded the first one to Beardy.

  2. Pretty sure it's Hansen, but if anyone can give you a definitive answer, it'd be Night Owl.

  3. Love the Turkey Red Josh Gibson... looks like it should be framed.