Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making a Prediction

Keeping with the Miami Marlins theme, I give you your 2012 National League Batting Champion, Jose Reyes!

Jose Reyes will go 4-4 on opening day with the Miami Marlins and then sit out the rest of the season, assuming his 1.000 batting average will win him the batting title. Failing to realize he is 498 plate appearances short of the required 502, Ramirez will celebrate his second consecutive batting title all season long and demand a raise.


  1. Is the Reyes ddc for trade or did you trade it already?

  2. Whats up with all the hating on Miami now a days?? We spend a little money and the haters are coming out from behind the trees, damn! Can we live, too?

  3. I agree with Wicked. People are mental.