Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Contest Question #3

Time for round 3 of this month's contest.

I'd give you links to questions 1 and 2, but I'm scheduling this post early and can't get both links.

Question #3.

Do you collect any cards other than baseball cards and if so, which kinds? What would you guess is the breakdown percentage wise of each type of card in your collection?


  1. yep, of course.

    hockey 60%
    non-sport 20%
    football 10%
    baseball 10%

    and if topps keeps up like they have been... that baseball number will drop even lower.

  2. Yes, Basketball and football.

    Baseball 65%
    Basketball 25%
    Football 10%

  3. 98%baseball
    If l have a nice memory from anorher aport I might pixk up a montana or a jordan, just as an example

  4. Baseball 85%
    Football 5%
    Hockey 5%
    Non-sport 5%

  5. I pick up the Topps Football set each year (buy a Jumbo box and fill in the blanks) and a some packs here and there. I have a huge collection of former USC player (close to 11,000 different cards) and I supercollect Ronnie Lott.

    I collected basketball in the late 80s early 90s but don't buy hardly anything now.

    My breakdown is probably:

    Baseball - 70%
    Football - 25%
    Basketball - 5%

  6. 99% baseball.
    on occasion a football vintage ram,raider or johnny u.

  7. Yes i do 85% baseball 10% football and 5% basketball

  8. 100 percent baseball.

    I care so little for anything else now that I want every non-baseball card out of my house -- someone please take them. Pay no attention that they're almost all junk wax era football/hockey.

  9. I'm about 65% baseball and 35% football. I'm trying to get to 50/50.

  10. 2% football (mainly due to BA Benny's big break)
    53% baseball
    40% NASCAR
    5%+ other misc non-sports

    and I hope that adds up to 100%!

    they say that 94.34% of all statistics are made up on the spot...

  11. The only thing I collect beside baseball is pre-1970 Boston Patriots football.

    So my breakdown in probably
    98% baseball
    2% Boston Patriots

  12. Only other sport I collect is football and I guess a tiny bit of basketball is lingering around from my old collection. My breakdown

    75% Baseball
    20% Football
    5% Basketball

    As far as trading goes I've done almost 100% through baseball.

  13. Baseball 60%
    Hockey 25%
    Football 10%
    Basketball/Wrestling/Non-Sport 5%

  14. Mine is probably 70% baseball and 29% football, and 1% other. I don't buy any more football other than player collections and Michigan cards but I still have a bunch from when I did buy packs. So I would prefer to get rid of all my football and other except those in my PC.

  15. It's 99% baseball, but I'll grab some former Razorbacks in any sport, and try to get some good basketball and football stars periodically to pass on to my kids.

  16. 90% baseball
    5% football/basketball
    5% vintage other

  17. I collect mostly baseball. 99% of my PC is baseball cards.

    I have a small amount of UCLA and Raider autos.

  18. 95% baseball
    1% Ike
    1% Oregonians
    2% Hit Stars
    1% Authors

  19. I'm almost all baseball. I have a tiny bit of vintage football that friends have given to me, and I don't know what the hell to do with it. If I pick up anything besides baseball, it's vintage oddball stuff--flags, movie stars, politicians.

    Here's the math:
    99.734 baseball
    0.178 non-sports
    0.088 football

    I did some rounding.

  20. I collect everything.
    Someone please help me.

  21. 99.99% baseball

    I'll buy non-baseball card singles only if I think I can get them signed

  22. I also collect boxing cards. It is probably like 1% or 2% boxing and the rest Red Sox. I actually have an old football card collection too but it just sits in a box so it doesn't count because I havn't added to it in years.

  23. 98% Baseball
    2% Hollywood/Movies for the wife!

  24. I think my collection is about 93% baseball, 5% hockey and maybe 2% football.

  25. I have a *ton* of non-sport base sets, which I believe outnumber baseball cards in my collection (not counting doubles). My non-sport relic/autograph collection also outnumbers my baseball relic/autograph personal collection. Add to that a nearly-complete set run of WNBA base sets (just missing some recent ones) and the other Women in Sports sets and cards. I'm not sure of any actual percentage. I focus more on the baseball collection - non-sport sets are easy (usually $5-10 for a complete set, no effort needed), so the non-sport collection is probably bigger, but the baseball collection is certainly better, overall.

  26. Hockey is my secondary collecting interest (Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan primarily), and I dabble in a bit of football and basketball.

    I'd say it's probably 70+% baseball, 20% hockey, 7% football, 3% basketball. Give or take.

  27. When I first got back into the hobby in 2006-07, I was exclusively into basketball cards. Only former Kentucky players though. Of course now my collection is mostly baseball, but I still have several albums filled with Tony Delk, Rex Chapman, and even Rodrick Rhodes.

    I'd say 90% baseball
    9.5% basketball
    0.5% football (mainly by accident or trade)

  28. The vast majority of my cards are baseball. I also have football, but only Steelers. I have some basketball and hockey cards, but not a lot. I also have some non-sports, since they're what I collected first.

  29. baseball - 27%
    basketball - 30%
    football - 25%
    hockey - 17%
    wrestling, boxing, mma, racing, golf, & non-sports - 1%

  30. I don't really collect other sports, but if I come across some Rams or Blues oddball sets, like restaurant giveaways, I usually go for them. So I'll say I'm at 99.9% baseball, and 0.05 each football and hockey.

  31. 97% baseball
    nearly 3% football (almost exclusively Steelers)
    less than 1% basketball

  32. Are you kidding? My wife can barely stand the baseball cards

  33. Yes - I focus my efforts on hockey cards.
    98% Hockey
    1% Baseball
    1% Football

  34. When I was a kid it was probably 75/25 basketball to baseball. Now it's 100% baseball.

  35. Hockey 80%
    Baseball 15%
    Other 5% (probably less in reality)

    I've mostly given up on the new stuff, so it's now down to pre-1963 hockey and pre-1975 OPC baseball, with some Topps Look n See mixed in for colour.

  36. 90% Baseball
    8% Football (HOKIES!)
    1.9% Basketball
    0.1% Hockey

  37. Baseball is the only sport that I actively collect. I have some football, but it is ProSet so that does not really count.

  38. Baseball and Football primarily, although I do have a nice collection of Garbage Pail Kids.

  39. Sorry about 80 baseball 20 football