Friday, December 16, 2011

Have you seen my man card?

I've bashed American Pie enough.

Now I hang my head in shame and tell you I'm looking for the Susan Lucci relic and auto cards.

My wife is/was a big fan of All My Children.

I'll also be looking for any cards of Lucille Ball that might be in the set. My wife has a fairly nice I Love Lucy collection. I think there is one base Lucy and a Walk of Fame insert as well as a Walk of Fame Star Patch. I figure with my collection habits, the least I could do is pick up some things she would like.

Michael from Sports Syzygy mentioned something about the Muppets cards in my last post and how it might be a bit creepy if there was a "relic" Muppets card. That would be so cool and I'd have to get one for my son.


  1. I remember reading about someone pulling the Lucci relic, but I can't remember who it was. I'll send em you way if I find out.

  2. Damn. My wife might like those too.


  3. ITs always fascinating to know what the "other halves" of bloggers collect... The 6 blasters that appeared 2 weeks ago at my local Target remain untouched, SO I imagine that these will end up on clearance soon enough... If that occurs I will be ripping in search of Lucci! Cheers!

  4. Oooh, I'd give good money for a piece of frilled collar in a Lew Zealand Muppet card relic

  5. I'm surprised she has such a legible autograph, being on TV for 30+ years.