Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you feel a draft?

I recently participated in a draft break held by Derek aka Tomahawk Chopping - Cardboard & More. It was my first draft break and now I'm sorry I missed out on the one going on right now at Cardboard Heaven.

The draft was 30 rounds deep and only cost $15. I ended up with the 4th pick in the first round and here are my first three picks.

You can't go wrong starting off with a 2011 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Ian Kinsler #62/150. Not if you're a Rangers fan you can't.

Round two found me picking a 2011 Lineage Joe Mauer Stand-Up insert. I might have reached a bit, but I didn't want to lose out on this one since I don't plan on buying any more Lineage.

My third pick of the draft was this nice 2011 Heritage Chrome Refractor Nelson Cruz #392/562. I think this is my first Chrome Refractor from this year's Heritage so I had to spend a high draft pick on it. It was worth it. I picked up a number of other nice cards in the following rounds. Many of them aren't even Rangers so they'll be included in future trades.

The last two rounds were for an auto and a relic. I had the 7th pick in the auto draft and got the auto I most wanted from the group.

I chose this hideous scribble by Ben Revere from 2011 Topps Chrome. It's on card and it's from second favorite team, so that's why I chose it.

I had the first pick in the relic round and chose a card I figured was easily tradeable for a Ranger relic.

This is a 2006 UD Artifacts Derek Jeter jersey #83/325. Sure it's a plain gray swatch, but it's major Jeter MOJO!

Seriously though, I had a load of fun doing this draft. I picked up a bunch of Diamond Anniversary cards and plenty of nice Rangers. Many thanks to Derek for a great draft break. I know those things must be a lot of work.


  1. Would you trade the Derek Jeter?

  2. I'm still mad you took that Mauer! ; )