Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone for your responses to the December Contest questions. I won't drag this out as I know you just want to know who won.

I entered all the names on the randomizer at random.org. I changed things up this time and added all the name in the order of your comments. There were 185 entries and the randomization went like this:

The winner is....way down below. Just in case you didn't want to see the name before you watched the video.

Congrats to our winner, The Rhubarb Runner over at "e rayhahn, rayhahn".

On the off chance that some of you watched the video, I don't really have a speech problem. I was trying to drag the word "list" out while I scrolled down, but it sounds awful. Now you know why most of my videos feature ZERO commentary.

Thanks again to everyone for an outstanding response.


  1. If only you had stopped after the second random.

  2. NO! NOoooooo! I'm always supposed to be the bridesmaid, NEVER the bride!!

    Well, what do you know? Cool!

  3. waaaait a minute -- only 2 M's, that's someone else. :-(

  4. Yes! 6th! That's the best I've done in a randomizer ever!