Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cards got kicks...or should I say kicked?

Last night had to hurt if you're a Cardinals fan.  I don't think the Redbird faithful thought Wainwright would get knocked around like he did.

I thought I'd soothe the burn a little for the few Cardinals fans who read this blog by showing them a card I picked up for nothing, literally, from my old card shop owner's house.

This 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Jim Edmonds Dress for Success card fits nicely into my relic type collection.  It features a piece of "game worn" jersey and shoe.

I like these because they show the actual jersey and shoes the swatches were taken from, at least according to Leaf.  This one is #82/250, which begs the question, how many swatches can you get from a pair of shoes?  Is it 250?

You tell me.

Don't think for a minute this means I'm rooting for the Cardinals.  I'm still mad at them for beating my Rangers a couple of years ago.  I'm not rooting for the Red Sox either.

I'm hoping for a tie...that never ends.  Until pitchers and catchers report at least.  


  1. I think shoe relic is one of the few types of relics I'm still missing. What a cool card.
    Also, not sorry for the Cardinals one bit.

  2. Here we go again blogger. I scheduled this for 5:30 pm on Thursday and if finally showed up on my blogroll at 3:00 AM Friday morning. Bravo...

    1. I've had a couple posts do the same thing, weird to say the least..

  3. A tie until pitchers and catchers report? That never ends?

    Does that mean the Cardinals and Red Sox would be playing baseball 4or 5 games each week until spring? I think I'd rather have NO baseball during that time than having to endure such torture for four months.

  4. I've got a shoe relic, but it's more of a shoelace eyelet though.
    Yours is the far more superior representation of a shoe relic.

  5. That's an awesome card. I love the oddball relics. I had a Gary Payton shoe card once. I also that they included a picture of the actual items on the back of the card. I miss Donruss.