Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

Years of war had ravaged the planet and depleted the Armed Forces of the world's nations.  It was the perfect time for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, also known as the board of directors of Upper Deck, to attack and take over the world.  

The Four Horseman of Upper Deck laid waste to the world, burning bridges, faking autos and using logos without a license. Oh, the humanity!  

As the flames of overproduction grew hotter, a savior appeared on the horizon.  It was none other than Rickie Weeks!  His thousand yard stare betrayed a man who had seen plenty of bad decisions at the hand of Bud Seligs' minions.
No matter.  He was the man to repel the Four Horseman of Upper Deck.  The Horseman entered Milwaukee, the center of the known universe, prepared to land one final blow against humanity.  A shout reverberated across the land....TOPPS ATTAX!!!!  With one mighty swing of his maple bat, Rickie destroyed the Four Horseman easier than a Roy Oswalt fastball.  

"Rickie....Rickie....HEY RICKIE!"  

"Wha...what, what is it?"  

"Dude, you were dreaming again."  

"Aw man, thanks for waking me up and ruining my dream Ryan Braun!  I was saving the world again!"

"Hey, your dream isn't the only one I've ruined lately."

**I haven't lost my mind.  This post is for the Nachos Grande contest.**


  1. The Ryan Braun quote is great! Also, I'll try get that Willys Jeep card out to you before too long, probably a PWE if that's ok w/ you (despite my recent misadventure with PWEs)..

    1. Thanks Chris. No rush on the card. I picked up a couple of Barry Larkins on my trip to my former card shop owners house. I'll let you know what they are and you can tell me if you need them.