Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Rangers are in the World Series!

In a manner of speaking.

Koji Uehara is some kind of 38 year old phenom for the Red Sox.  He was pretty good here in Texas, but he didn't want to be here.

Mike Napoli, aka Yukon Cornelius, has been a force for the Red Sox. I liked him while he was here.  He was blue collar and I hated to see him go.


See, Yukon and present day Napoli look just alike.

Matt from Once a Cub sent these over after the end of the Fantasy Baseball Season.  I finished 5th so I'm happy to receive this "Ranger dump" as he called it.

I'm showing this card for one reason and one reason only. In all likelihood, Geno Petralli's 1989 Donruss card has NEVER been shown on the internet.

I've mentioned many times how much I like Flair cards.  This Ken Hill doesn't look as good scanned as it does in person.  Trust me.

Mini Kinsler time.  Mini Kinsler.  Mini Kinsler.  I can't say it three times and I couldn't type it either.

You'd think a blog that celebrates plays at the plate would be run by someone who knows if he has all these awesome Gypsy Queen Collisions at the Plate cards. Well, I don't. I shall try to rectify that. 

I'm willing to bet this is the WORST Ian Kinsler card ever.  Care to guess why?

I picked this card up and instantly got 7% stronger due to PED contamination.   Hey, I'm just kidding Sammy!

Matt, thanks for running the league.  I'll try to win the whole thing next year!


  1. So, why is Kinsler not on a Kinsler baseball card? Is this a crazy extension of 2008 UD Documentary or something?

  2. Dang... Koji has had one heckuva post season for the Red Sox. He's part of the reason I'm pulling for the Sox this year.

  3. That is a horrible Kinsler card! They couldn't come up with one photo of Ian from a 6 hit performance.