Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prison Break

The title of this post does not contain a typo.  I participated in a 2012 Prizm break with Chris over at View From the Skybox.  I'll be honest.  I don't like Prizm.  For the most part, the players look like they are wearing prison uniforms.  Now the title is making sense.  Or maybe only to me.

As I said, I don't like Prizm.  I really just wanted to get in the break to get the Rangers so I didn't have to buy any packs.  I did buy one pack, but it was a bust.  I ended up with the Tigers, Angels, Astros and Twins in the break too because Chris gave me such a good deal on those extra teams.  I was hoping to get a Nolan Ryan and maybe some Mauers.  The rest I could use for trade bait.

This was the best Angels card I got.  At least it has some color on it.

The emerald parallels are really nice.  I got two for the Twins.  Scott Diamond is ok, but Joe Mauer is better!

I was really glad I picked up the Twins when this emerald Mauer showed up in the break video.

I don't remember if the break had two or three autos, but I got two of them.  The first was Prison Josh Willingham on a Minnesota card.

I picked up the Astros on the cheap so I could get Nolan.  Anything else might be good trade fodder for the Dimwit.

The second auto I got in the break was JD Martinez of the Astros.  I mean the "Houston Baseball Club".

I picked up two of Brycer Harper's cards.  This "ROOKIE" has some red so it's not too bad.

My son claimed this Harper USA card for his USA collection.

He also claimed this Verlander USA card.

No Ranger card looks more like a prison yard card than Mike Olt.

We'll end up with a tale of two Yus.  The plain "ROOKIE" and...

the far nicer green emerald parallel.

I'll be offering up the other teams as trade bait if anyone is interested.

Thanks for doing the break Chris!

Consider this sentence your contest reminder for today.


  1. your luck knows no bounds... the only reason you didn't get any Braves was because I had them..... and that's why no Braves cards were pulled.

  2. Cool cards, and euuhh happy blog birthday !!

  3. Not a big fan of Prizm either.

  4. I'm not a fan of any unlicensed product, including Prizm.