Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

The high school I attended was rivals with the high school Vanilla Ice attended.

Weird factoid huh?

That has nothing to do with anything except it came to mind when I scanned the images for this post.

Brad from Brad's Blog sent over a load of Bowman Ice cards.

I like these.  I have to confess that I don't want to like parallels.  As a team collector, I don't want to need to have all the variations that Topps foists on us.  I can't help it though.  I just like them.  They're "cool".  That's A.J. Pierzynski in case you can't read the name.

Adrian is cool...see those shades.

I don't think David Murphy is going to be a Ranger next year.

I think there is a good chance Ian isn't the Rangers 2nd baseman next season.  They really want to have Profar there and Ian may have to move to left field or even play some first base.

Brad sent over some 2012 Chrome Sepia Rangers too.  These are prime example of crazy parallel trend by Topps.   Sepias are numbered to 75, but I don't know that taking all the color out of the card is really great looking.

Naps isn't with the Rangers anymore, but I liked his style.

I don't know if Cruz will be back.  He's a free agent and the Rangers aren't keeping me in the loop on their plans for next year.

Don't they realize how big a fan I am?

Remember how I said I don't want to like parallels?  Well, I do like Chrome parallels and I've been a bad boy on Ebay.  Over the next week I should have plenty of colorful Chrome to show off.

Thanks for the great cards Brad!


  1. How does Napoli find shirts that fit with that neck? It's like a tree trunk with a head on top.

  2. The Sepia cards look pretty sweet together!