Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chrome vs Chrome Showdown--Another #/10 Contest

I bought a couple of blasters of Chrome the first week it was out.  I really like Chrome, but I wasn't thrilled with the lack of color in the blasters.  Not one single colored refractor in either one.  Of course, the odds are not in the pack busters favor with the blue refractors being the "easiest" to pull and they fall 1:113 packs. The color isn't exactly jumping out of those blasters.

After getting such a good deal during my two trips to my old LCS owner's house, I decided not to waste any more money on Chrome.  I figured I'd pick up the cards I wanted here and there and be done with it.

When Bowman Chrome came out, I decided I'd buy one blaster.  Only one.  As I looked over the card aisle, I decided to get ONE more Chrome blaster with the Bowman Chrome blaster so I could have a Chrome vs Chrome Showdown!

The things we do for these blogs.

Let's do this.

Round 1

Bowman Chrome is up first.  Dustin Pedroia, Patrick Leonard, Cole Hamels.  Ho hum.  I was disappointed there were only 3 cards per pack.  After looking at the box again, it's only printed in one inconspicuous place.  A little deceptive by Topps I think.   

Topps Chrome is up next.  Adam Warren, Derek Jeter 72 Insert, Justin Upton and Yu Darvish.   Yu trumps the Jeter and wins round 1 for Topps Chrome.

Topps Chrome - 1
Bowman Chrome - 0

Round 2

Clayton Kershaw, Jose Berrios and Carlos Martinez.  Nice Kershaw.

Mike Kickham, Mariano Rivera refractor, Adam Eaton and Jedd Gyorko.  This one would be a no brainer if not for the Rivera refractor.  Even though Night Owl is going to protest, I'll give Mariano the nod since he's refractory and  retiring.

Topps Chrome - 2
Bowman Chrome - 0

Round 3

Mike Kickham (hey, two different packs in a row, I'm a Kickham supercollector!), Jorge Martinez refractor and Eduardo Rodriguez.  

Starling Marte, Eury Perez Xfractor, Yonder Alonso and Todd Frazier.

Xfractor trumps Refractor.  Topps Chrome wins the round.

Topps Chrome -3
Bowman Chrome - 0

Round 4

Brett Marshall, Marco Hernandez and Nate Karns.  Meh.

Derek Jeter, Andre Ethier, Jonathon Niese and Justin Wilson.  This one goes to Topps Chrome based on the simple fact that it had more cards.

This is turning into a blowout.

Topps Chrome - 4
Bowman Chrome - 0

Round 5

Nick Swisher, Julian Yan and Cliff Lee.  Yuck, Nick Swisher.

Josh Hamilton, Robinson Cano refractor, Jarrod Parker and Wilin Rosario.  Let's see.  Hamilton left us. Cano is a Yankee and Parker is from the hated A's.  Hey look, it's a catcher in his gear!  Topps Chrome wins.

Topps Chrome - 5
Bowman Chrome - 0

Round 6

Luis Mateo.......holy smokes, a yellow refractor #d out of 10 and Carter Capps.

I think Bowman Chrome just won this battle.  The yellow refractors fall 1:204 packs.

Mariano Rivera, Brandon Mauer, Brandon Phillips and Jayson Werth.  It's the year of the Brandons.
Bowman Chrome just dropped a yellow refractor bomb on Topps Chrome and takes the lead!

Topps Chrome - 5
Bowman Chrome - 10

Round 7

Henry Owens, Archie Bradley refractor mini, A.J. Burnett.  I like the shiny little minis.

Matt Holliday, Josh Rutledge, Jose Reyes Chrome Connections, Eric Hosmer.  The Reyes Castle card (thanks for that name Night Owl) is cool and wins it for Topps Chrome.

Topps Chrome - 6
Bowman Chrome - 10

Final Round--The Bonus Packs

Eric Hosmer Xfractor, Nestor Molina Xfractor and Asdrubal Cabrera Xfractor.  

Starlin Castro, Jeurys Familia, Melky Mesa and Giancarlo Stanton.   Purple would normally trump X, but I was UNDERwhelmed with the selection in the purple pack so the win goes to Bowman Chrome.

Final Standings...

Topps Chrome - 6
Bowman Chrome - 11

Based on the yellow refractor pull, Bowman Chrome wins this battle, but I'm still partial to Topps Chrome.  I don't know enough about the prospects to enjoy Bowman Chrome as much.  Of course, the chance for getting a card worth big $$$ is usually better with one of the hot prospects.

Now. for the Saturday contest.  I'm working another 6 hours of OT today.  I'm going to run a contest for you to guess the player AND the numbering on my yellow refractor.

YOU NEED TO GET THE PLAYER AND THE CORRECT NUMBER.  The first person to do so will win their choice of a value pack of Bowman Chrome or Topps Chrome.  I'll be posting a hint every hour on the hour until we have a winner or until midnight hits here in Big D.  You get one guess per post.  

Good luck!!


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  2. Contest, schmontest. Forget the yellow refractor, that purple Starlin was the best pull of the bunch. Any chance I can pry that from your hands?