Saturday, October 12, 2013

Turning an Apple into Chrome

We have a Wellness Program at work and after two years of saving up points earned through a variety of healthy activities, I had enough points to get an iPad.  It was the top of the line, 64 GB, blah blah blah.

Anyway, I sold it on Ebay and used part of the funds to go on an Ebay shopping spree.  The cards should be rolling in over the course of the next week or so, but I'll give you a very small sampling now.

Since I'm up at night, some of the cards I bid on were ending at weird times.  I picked up these two 2008 Topps Sterling Jackie Robinsons for a couple bucks.

They really are quality hunks of cardboard.

I mixed in a bunch of different cards, but my main focus was 2013 Chrome.

The very first one to hit my mailbox was the Camo version of Mike Olt.  This one is #6/15.  The camo refractor isn't my favorite, but I do like the low numbering.  I'll be posting the results of my Chrome Blaster on Sunday and you'll see why I went a little crazy on Ebay.

I don't know how many of you remember the contest I had a few weeks ago where people had to guess the Red Ink Auto I pulled out of Ginter,  but it was a lot of fun.  Some people said they wished they had known about it because the missed out.  Well, here's a heads up.  I pulled another card numbered to 10 this week and I'll be having a similar contest on Sunday starting around 5 pm.  It should be fun.

I'll be posting more of my Ebay bounty as stuff comes in and I get it scanned.


  1. I got a free iPad too by using my Scholastic Book Order points... and considered doing the same thing as you. A fellow teacher offered me $300 cash (they retailed for $500 at the time), but I passed. Lol... I only use my iPad once or twice a week. My loss. Can't wait to see your other purchases.

  2. you and your luck.... congrats bud.

    I won't be around for your contest... I'll be in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner with family from god knows where... so have fun and good luck.

    my guess is 1/10 Evan Gattis for the win!!!!!!

  3. I think I'll be in middle of card show hangover/desperate make-up sleep/oh crap I gotta work realization when your contest is happening.

  4. Nice turnaround. Still don't really get the appeal of the ipad for most people if they have a computer and a smartphone.
    Those sterling cards are nice. I've always wanted to open a box of that stuff.

  5. I love turning work stuff into baseball cards. I've done it with white elephant gifts and a few gift cards that I've gotten through work.