Monday, October 7, 2013

Scared Straight!

Lance Berkman was recently spotted at a local prison playing against some of the "residents" in an exhibition game.

The truth is these Pinnacle prison uniform cards scare me straight.  Straight away from the card aisle.  I'm glad to get the Rangers any way I can, but these things are lifeless.

Have you seen the new Hometown Heroes set Panini put out?  That's the first Panini baseball product I've seen that I'd actually buy.  It's a bit out of my price range at $100+ per box, but I like all the colorful cards.  I wish I had one to show off.

These cards came from reader Zippy Zappy.  This Derek Holland makes me sad.  No playoffs for the Rangers.

It's rare to come across a Topps flagship or Update card I haven't seen, but this is a new on to me.  Not exactly the best picture, but I like the All Star uniform.

Sweet Konami Yu Darvish!  This card is a little smaller than a regular Topps card and shows a young Darvish.  It was a great surprise.

The gem of the package was this 2013 Bowman Platinum Joey Gallo gold refractor.  Very nice Kenny!

Thanks for the great package.  I'll be sure to keep a lookout for Yanks for you.

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  1. Nice stuff! Zippy Zappy comes through with another great trade!